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    Calvert Trump Parade, Saturday, Sep. 12

    A friend was working yesterday during the parade. A customer came in just before it started and when the dump trucks came by he started commenting about how Trump is a piece of @#$% and some other stuff. My friend said sorry we are closed please leave. The customer got really pissed and...
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    Violence after election results.

    Entry/Exit points in Calvert. 1--Route 4 and AA Co. line 2--Route 231 @ Benedict Bridge 3--Route 4 at Thomas Johnson Bridge Don't forget about #4-Route 2 at the AA Co. line. #5-Old Solomons Island Rd at the AA Co. Line (Owings) #6-Route 261 @ AA Co line in North Beach, #7,#8 & #9--Jewell...
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    Donut Connection Lusby

    Police have been defunded. Donut Connection will have no customers so they had to close.
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    Now we have a pisser

    Maybe but no fishermen
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    everybody gets a sign (trophy)!!!! Yippeeeee

    They put those up because the construction workers for Panda Express were parking there along with parking the dumptrucks and equipment there
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    Boat lifts on Cuckold Creek

    I am sure you would pay more for the slip rental with a boat lift than without a lift.
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    Amish Grocery Store Question

    They are not some precautions for the virus, because they don't have the media telling them how bad it is.
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    McDonalds did us a favor.

    Hardees has good burgers!! The PF McDonalds is not being renovated, it's being tore down to the parking lot and new one built. Maybe when it reopens it will have new staff and management.
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    Amish Grocery Store Question

    They don't make Glock guns....But, if you do something wrong there you may be introduced to one or more!!!
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    Bowen's being sold?

    Bowen's is sold, but the owners said that it will remain the same for at least 2 years and all the employees were given their jobs.
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    Bowen's being sold?

    Huntingtown was already a town center. McKonkey voted to expand the boundaries to include his property.
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    It is, but if there are 10 cars in line and you go inside to get carry out, you will probably get your food quicker than the 10th car.
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    Went by Wendy's today and asked when they were going to open for carry-out and not just drive-thru. The manager said that corporate is keeping things shut down for another month. They don't have the plastic shields for the cashiers at the registers. Roy's in Solomons has carry-out as well as...
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    Lightning Bugs

    Plenty in the center area of Calvert.
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    DIY channel; Beachfront Bargain Hunt is doing St. Mary's

    Duffy's was about as far as you could go. I think there were a couple of houses past it but not much more.