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    Brian Laundrie

    Think of this possibility, Mom and Dad took him out in the woods and put him down like an animal. They don't want to be hauled in so they're not going to give to much help. But also they don't have an extremely clean conscience since they undoubtedly have some fond memories of him so they want a...
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    If you don’t wash them they’ll last a month or more sitting out, but if you do wash them it’s more like two weeks.
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    Sinema Independent?

    Why? Except for her sexual peccadilloes she seems fairly sane.
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    Lexington Park Woman Arrested After Stabbing Boyfriend Multiple Times

    She's been a winner for a while now
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    Stupid Leftist Tics!

    That should go in the forum guide book, it hasn't had any good entries in a long while.
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    Just not right!

    You forgot that he'd be licking the barrel.
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    Ohio college student 'angry' and 'scared' after 'cisgender men' installed radiator in dorms: 'Safe space'

    Wonder what they did to screw him/her/it up to this level.
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    Storage unit drama

    I can bring my truck by after 4:00 if you need help.
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    Just Got This Email

    POS is correct, it stands for point of sales terminal. The others are true spelling screw ups
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    So....Ahmaud Arbery....

    I can’t think of a single person that given a free pass I’d shoot. Maybe I’m wishy washy, but I can’t hold onto a hate past about a week.
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    man, blacks have it bad....sheeeeesh

    It’s kind of a simplistic cause and effect that ignores about 90% of the story.
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    This is what I'm making today

    So, what exactly are these? They kind of look like fish wrapped in kale in a beignet batter with powdered sugar.
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    Old things found around the house

    The new solder doesn't require flux, it's more of a glue than a solder and of course lead free.