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    TransWoman [biological male still] Refused Brazilian Wax

    We had the same phenomena here after congress passed the ADA. Anyone who could claim a disablity was allowed to sue any business that hadn't put in a fix for their particular type of disable.
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    Plantar Fasciitis

    Has anyone tried this place , I've heard their advertisements for quite a while now and the sound like they have an idea of what they're doing.
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    LA just hit with long EarthQuake

    Same thing could be said for everybody that OD's on heroin.
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    Women's soccer

    Soccer and manly shouldn't appear in the same sentence.
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    Makes you wonder.... (paging mAlice!)

    Bills suicide note could tie him in and as anyone who's ever watched law and order knows, a dying declaration goes a long way towards convincing a jury
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    USWNT WORLD CUP Champions !

    the tournament doesn't represent the country, the team does. Winning is second to representing the country well.
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    USWNT WORLD CUP Champions !

    Can't say that, the back of the shirt says USA and I'm always going to root for them. On the other hand I think someone who can't represent their nation well should be fired, I don't care if she's the best player in the world. I would rather have a team of second raters that represent their...
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    AOC, 2020 Dems Seize on Complex World Cup 'Equal Pay' Issue

    They were hired to represent the nation and they screwed the pooch. Trump was elected to run the US. He's doing his job (with a severe handicap), they're, at best, doing half of theirs.
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    Makes you wonder.... (paging mAlice!)

    So do you think they'd be willing to throw Bill under the bus to try to get Trump?
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    Antifa In Philly

    I did notice that Antifa didn't make an appearance in DC, guess they didn't like the odds.
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    Is this theft?

    A new update, maybe it's time to let her sink.
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    DC 4th of July Parade

    You're not watching CNN then, it was juvenile, I got more out of 8th grade history..., still whining.
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    DC 4th of July Parade

    Two F-35's, two F-18's. Just flew over DC
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    LA just hit with long EarthQuake

    Glad they got that out of the way before I go there.
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    Sign the petition to label Antifa a terrorist org

    How about I still want my privacy? Just because you attend an event doesn't mean you want the govt. taking attendance.