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    Hey Kelly, This is Rob Tranchant. Just wanted to let you know that I am living in San Diego...

    Hey Kelly, This is Rob Tranchant. Just wanted to let you know that I am living in San Diego now. I work for General Atomics, ASI. We make the Predator and Reaper UAV's. Anyways, I was just thinking about you because I figured you would be interested to know that a few of my co-workers are...
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    Is it legal to eat domesticated aminals?

    It would be easier to obtain opossum or racoon and you might enjoy watching them eat that even more.
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    I love my car guys......

    True! That is great!
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    I love my car guys......

    Interesting. Neat to see the car running an autocross. It will be neat to see if a pilotless F1 car can beat a piloted F1 car someday. All I could think of was Terminator and The Matrix while that guy was talking. :killingme
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    haul junk away service?

    Aren't they in the LA area? Is there a local Sanford and Son? Now I have that theme music going through my head. Thanks! In the past I have seen adds for locals that would haul away junk. I just can't seem to find an add now.
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    haul junk away service?

    I am looking for someone to haul junk from my house to the dump/recycler. Does anyone know of a business that provides this service?
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    So Md Motorcycle Safety Rally

    I crossed that bridge many times on a motorcycle. It is higher and longer than Solomons but never bothered me. I crossed Solomons bridge on a very windy day one time and was white knuckle all the way across.
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    It might have been a Vemar helmet. Vemar Flip-Up Helmets | Helmet City
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    Massive earthquake hits Japan, tsunami concern

    Not in the way that an atomic bomb explodes. I am no nuclear plant expert but I believe a steam explosion could occur and possibly release nuclear material.
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    The baddest man on the planet...

    Remember this motocross race: YouTube - 1995 Doug Henry Crash Hmmm? can't seem to figure out embedding. Anyways, one of my all time favorite motoX/superX riders.
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    The baddest man on the planet...

    I watched that race Saturday night. What a race! The last few have been great. I was out of my seat when he crashed. I also think he ran a lap three seconds quicker than the next best competitor. He and Reed have really been battling it out this season. This is one of the best racing series...
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    Nuclear power plant sirens?

    An "oppsie" at a nuclear power plant would not result in a nuclear blast. Only a much smaller conventional blast (steam pressure explosion, etc) is possible which could release radiation or radioactive material.
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    :clap: The place always has been a Scheiße hole.
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    Tom Carnegie passed away

    Anybody that has ever been to Indy qualifying would know his voice well. I used to really enjoy hearing him announce... "It's a new track record!". :frown: AUTO RACING - INDYCAR: Legendary Indy 500 Announcer Tom Carnegie Dies