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    Mastercard 14B £ Class Action Lawsuit

    The case will likely be settled for FAR less and each individual will receive their £2.47 mini paper check :yay:
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    A comparison...

    Empire State Building: Completed and open in 1 year 45 days. Sears Tower: Completed and open in 3 years. SOMD Corner of Rte 235 and Airport Road: 3 years... and counting! Still under construction
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    Dress code for parents

    Does anyone else think it is sad that the school even has to implement this for parents/adults? What kind of rabble comes into that school on a daily basis to justify the need?
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    Confessions Of An A-6 Jockey

    In it's day... Wasn't the A-6 the only plane in the military that could carry more than it's own weight in ordanance?
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    Nah! Had a minute. I've been busy lately with work and family. Hardly any time to check in here. How about you? I'm guessing you still make the bi-hourly visit here every day??
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    St. Mary's Co. Burglary Suspect's Identity Needed: Dollar General store on Great Mills Road in Lexington Park

    Liquid laundry detergent is a highly tradable commodity amoung the Park dwellers. They trade for drugs, stamps, etc.
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    Put on them reading glasses and take another look. Just because it isn't bolded or hypertexted doesn't mean it isn't a link :yay: And it's not bitchhing.... it's more like pointing and laughing :lmao:
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    Allowed to make their very first post on this forum as an advertisement with a link to a sales website? Cool!
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    Nice ad-drop...bro! You even got the forum admin to like it :yay:
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    Traffic Rant Traffic Rant of the Day (can we get a sticky?)

    Who's on first? What's on Second?? They are either on duty and in their tax-funded ride to catch criminals and law breakers OR they are off duty? Which is it? If they are able to joy ride around town on the tax payer's dime then they should be able to perform their duties!
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    Traffic Rant Traffic Rant of the Day (can we get a sticky?)

    If that was truely the case... Must be nice to have a tax-payer funded ride to go hit the local stores in!
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    Traffic Rant Traffic Rant of the Day (can we get a sticky?)

    Yesterday (4/17) Sitting first at red light in far right travel lane on NB235 at Town Creek Rd. SUV of St. Mary's finest (uniformed and marked) sitting on Town Creek Rd to my right waiting for light as well (to go to Walmart??) Light turns green for me. Out of nowhere, Toyota SUV comes through...
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    Those lovable pits.....

    Your analogy is not accurate. ANY car can be made "non-road worthy" with proper upgrades and modifications. Should we stop allowing people to own German Shepards or Dobermans (sp?) just because some people "modify" their behavior? Ban them all for that??
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    Those lovable pits.....

    The ratio of car accidents to drivers in St. Mary's is far greater than pit bull attacks to number of that breed. Should we ban all driving in our county?
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    Southern Maryland Drivers, making crap up

    Although I do not agree with people using this route, my question to what you said is "Why??" Why do expect there to be a collision? When exiting at that very point anyone with good eyesight and who is paying attention can see the SB235 traffic for at least a quarter mile. If someone cannot...