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    Lexington Park Woman Arrested After Stabbing Boyfriend Multiple Times

    Are they sure he didn't stab himself?:shocking:
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    Haunted Houses

    Vampire Manor in Bel Alton opens this weekend. It's run by the Charles County Dive Rescue. Park at the Bel Alton fire station
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    Calvert Billboard

    We saw this one on I-83 in York PA on Saturday!
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    Blue Angels F8F Bearcats and USN F6Fs, FH-1s, in 1940s Grosse Ile Air Show

    Late 1940's Air Show at Naval Air Station Grosse Ile south of Detroit
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    Now we've got this to worry about.
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    On the Job!

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    Latest Data on COVID-19 Vaccinations by Race/Ethnicity

    Or they'll claim republicans are somehow preventing the 88% of blacks from getting vaccinated
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    Wait! What???

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    Very punny!