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    Rate The Last Film You Watched

    I just got off vacation and I went four or five times. I didn't catch anything to shout about but it was good anyway. I was at Calvert Cliffs last week, taking the grand kid to the park, but thought about heading back to fish. I haven't been there this year.
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    Rate The Last Film You Watched

    Dark Phoenix 4/5 Last Blood 3/5 Maleficent 2: Mistress of Evil 5/5 Downton Abbey 5/5 Toy Story Four 2/5 Hellboy 3/5
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    8 Kids Arrested in Cafeteria Food Fight Could be Charged With Rioting
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    Woman beat boyfriend with his own prosthetic leg when he tried to break up with her
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    Those lovable pits.....

    Is my dog a Pit Bull? The shelter said he was a cattle dog but I've been told they try to not lable them bully breeds so they can get adopted. Maybe I should start a poll!
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    Notre Dame In Paris On Fire (Huge)

    I bet Quasamoto has a hunch.
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    Man Headed to Pokey for Shooting at Fireflies He Thought Were ‘Alien Lasers’
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    "Consent condom" requires four hands to open
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    College promotes men's cuddling group to 'redefine masculinity'
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    Woman who sold 7-year-old son for $2,500 to settle drug debt sentenced to prison
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    One whiff and you’re stiff Villagers claim that Ringaskiddy’s proximity to the plant and its “love fumes” has been giving local men – and even their canine friends – enormous sexual powers.
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    Man faked robbery to get out of work
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    Seclusion & Restraint in Calvert County Public Schools