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    Spears is pregnant

    Trailer Park Drama!:killingme:whistle:
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    A blind man went to the airport

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    This is HORRIBLE!

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    Another Teen Fatal Today (Charles)

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    Beltway Hosed

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    No Cussing Club

    #### THAT ####. KISS MY BIG ASS.:otter::lmao:
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    Brandywine closed Am. Commute 11/12

    A white/beige truck hit a tree right in front of the Knights of John's Hall (2 minutes away from the Little Store)... Guy was going to fast..
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    Contaminated fuel @Sheetz

    Shell Gas is the best. Wawa is mixed with:evil: more water and tends to burn up quickly.
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    Birthday Remembrance

    Did anyone cum to her birthday party? :killingme
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    Wedding gift amount

    $50 American Express Gift Card. :diva:
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    Poor Dude Stalked going to A.A...

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    Local Realtors and

    It depends on the agreement you have as either the seller or buyer. The percentage is between 3-6%. :howdy:
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    OB/Gyn recommendations

    :coffee: All Kaiser patients go to Kaiser Dr's only....
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    The Flat World

    :whistle: :smack: