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    ‘Cursed’ Wedding Ring

    I don't think this is possible.
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    Arby's Pecan Chicken Salad Sandwich

    This sounds like it would be good as just as salad without the bread.
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    NASCAR Sonoma, Toyota/Save Mart 350

    With the new point system, everyone is just a few lucky picks out of first place. At some point someone is going to get 11,12 points in 1 week. That will certainly shake up the standings.
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    Greetings from Lake Havasu!

    I did finally go fishing before we left LH. The lake is a dammed up river. It's deep with sharp cliffs that run right into the water. 2 feet off the bank it's 15 feet of water. I tried to fish 2 other places in Arizona that were similar. Clear, deep lakes formed by damming up a river. I...
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    Deporting illegal immigrants thread

    Alma Sofia Centeno Santiago +1 back to Guatemala Smart move by ICE. Get her out of the country before she drops another one on our shores. Play by the rules people and you won't have to fear deportation. Also find out how she was able to work in this country if she was here illegally. Fake...
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    Is this theft?

    Just the ones on the tequila bust road trip bus.
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    NASCAR Sonoma, Toyota/Save Mart 350

    Thanks for the advice to switch my first two picks.
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    Their cartoonish image of the President’s base dooms Democrats to failure.

    Like open borders, abolish ICE, not prosecuting theft, over regulate everything, men in ladies rooms, skirt classified information rules, rename anything that could possibly offend someone, let illegals vote, post birth abortions, turn cities into urban cesspools, reparations, tax the wealthy...
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    Swalwell - Trump Targets All Hispanics

    The tweet seems to have disappeared.
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    ICE Raids Canceled because operational details were leaked to Reporters

    Provide the public with a list of names and pictures of those who have been ordered to leave but didn't. Set up a hotline. Give a bounty of 2 taco bell burrito vouchers to legit tips.
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    NASCAR Sonoma, Toyota/Save Mart 350

    Truex jr. Ky Busch Logano Hamlin Buescher
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    Witness at Reparations Hearing: 'White People Are Ignorant'

    SAT, ASVAB, IQ scores would lead you to believe that it's not the white people that are ignorant.
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    Empathy and Compassion Solves the Border Crisis

    Where is the compassion and empathy for the people that elected these knuckleheads?
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    Damn, they just don't get it

    No one is above the law, unless it's a former secretary of state.