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    Netflix (or Amazon Prime) and chill

    Don't forget Ginger & Gilligan.
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    CBD oil

    Just the decaf ones. YMMV.
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    If they are going to add Hijabs, maybe they should have team Burka's too.

    Those will pair nicely with a suicide vest.
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    "Constitution, schmonstitution. ' KT Harris Cannot Understand the Constitution

    Make any crime involving a gun a death penalty case with a short appeal window. Watch gun violence plummet.
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    Alyssa Milano: “But isn’t it worth trying?”

    Stopping welfare payments so people will go out and get a job is something worth trying. Sterilizing welfare moms after giving birth to a 2nd bastard is something worth trying. Executing violent criminals is something worth trying.
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    CBD oil

    Don't waste your money on the holistic, teabag suppositories. Don't ask me how I know this either.
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    AOC - predicts Miami will 'no longer exist in a few years'

    Are you sure it's still there?
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    AOC - predicts Miami will 'no longer exist in a few years'

    He's a really good swimmer.
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    Friends on the Chopping Block - Cancel Culture Strikes Again

    Don't tell them about Blazing Saddles.
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    Saudi Oil

    I see Iran putting their obama bucks to good use.
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    Hillary is a disaster

    Never in my lifetime, has the loser of a presidential election or any election as a matter of fact, been as bitter as hillarity.
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    Great Weekend

    Can't we all just get along?
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    NASCAR Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Playoff Race #1

    1. Kyle Busch 2 . Hamlin three Truex jr Four Logano five keselowski
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    Cute Google trick

    Don't click on the 2 girls with the cup. Not unless you have a tough stomach or a niche fetish.
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    FBI statistics have found that Omar's congressional district is the terrorist recruitment capital of the United States.

    Anyone surprised at this news? They should chain deport all family members back to shitholeistan. Why take chances with our national security?