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    Poor Sapidus and Salmon

    I have to believe the left knew there was no collusion. Deep down they had to know. The investigation was just to pacify them. A few people were sacrificed to the volcano gods and time & money were wasted.
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    1st year on the road map

    As of 3/23/19 update
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    Martinsville Speedway

    Your secrets are safe with me!
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    Greetings from El Paso!

    This was the easiest Get Out Of Town day for us. Less than 60 miles. I10 had a bunch of construction that made for a few challenges. ANother state added to our RV road trip adventure map. I had 1 of those moments driving today. I smelled something very nasty. I thought it was my sewage...
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    From The Pages Of History: December 8, 1940

    He's not Hitler, he's Il Duce.
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    Martinsville Speedway

    8 different drivers picked this week. Not a whole lot of variety. Truex. jr picked across the board but 4th is the highest placement. No Hamlin for me this week. Might be a regrettable move. A Kyle Busch win would make for some interesting point totals. Good luck everyone. Hey, who let RR...
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    White Supremacy is rising around the Globe.

    First off, whites make up less than 12% of the world's population. Whites are a global minority. If white supremacy were so awful, how can you explain the vast numbers of black, brown and arab people that flock to caucasian nations? Who runs towards danger? Other than police & firemen...
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    Martinsville Speedway

    Ky Busch Harvick Keselowski Logano Truex. jr
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    Border Agents Detained a 9-Year-Old U.S. Citizen for 30+ Hours

    Our border agent yesterday didn't know the 2 letter abbreviation for Maryland. He thought it was MY. When his computer protested he asked us what it was. I'm pretty confident this guy wasn't his class' valedictorian.
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    Ocasio-Cortez Says Working Hard To Get Into A Good School Is Racist

    Parental involvement is key. To just spout off that it is because of RACISM is ignorant and foolish. Using her yardstick both the NBA and NFL are racist organizations. Caucasians are underrepresented in both leagues given their overall percentage of the population. But you never hear anyone...
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    Should black Americans get slavery reparations?

    Reparations is the Swahili word for free s_hit.
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    3,000 piglets on the loose

    I hope many of them find there way to Dearborn, MI. here piggy piggy
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    Should black Americans get slavery reparations?

    I know you are an intelligent person. I'm trying to look at this in practical terms if it were ever to get past the discussion stage. Screw it, let's just go fishing instead.
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    Should black Americans get slavery reparations?

    Let's say for argument sake this is an official policy. A person is indeed a direct descendant of a slave. Call slave 1. 1 has kids A & B. A & B are direct descendants 100%. A marries Z and B marries Y. Z is also a 100% direct descendant of a slave. Y has no slave family history. AZ have...