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    NASCAR Advent Health 400, Sunday 15 May 3PM @ KANSAS

    AJ2 & AJ3 appear to be the big winners this week. Moving up to the top.
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    NASCAR Advent Health 400, Sunday 15 May 3PM @ KANSAS

    Grid Time Laps led Points 1 Kurt Busch 23XI Racing • #45 5 3:13:03.150 116 50 2 Kyle Larson Hendrick Motorsports • #5 3 3:13:04.563 29 40 3 Kyle Busch Joe Gibbs Racing • #18 6 3:13:05.141 18 53 4 Denny Hamlin Joe Gibbs Racing • #11 18 3:13:05.436 0 36 5...
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    Once Again, Bernie Sanders Struggles with the Concept of a Majority

    They have chronic brain freeze from consuming all that B & J ice cream.
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    Boston police shoot, kill knife-wielding suspect who allegedly stabbed officer

    Dead guy. Had a long criminal history. Why does society tolerate these kind of people walking free among us?
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    NASCAR Advent Health 400, Sunday 15 May 3PM @ KANSAS

    Larson fell apart like a cheap suit with less than 10 laps to go. Cost me a lot of points. Oh well. 1st time this year I caught the tail end of a race. Other seasons, that seemed to be my good luck charm, watching the last part of the race.
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    But he has to be a White Supremacist

    With the number of people at his rallies, if Trump was instigating violence then there would be a lot more incidents of it from his followers. Take the quran. It tells the muslim faithful to convert, enslave or kill the infidel. That's why a lot of muzzies blow themselves up in a crowded...
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    I make $123K a year selling dead mice

    Good for the person that can generate income using some ingenuity. Locally here we have floating bait shops in the lagoon not far from the marinas. Guys go out in the morning and net bait fish. Hold them in net baskets in the water. Fishermen drive up and he scoops up what they want. Some...
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    Kitchen gadgets

    A super sharp kitchen knife is not over rated. If you have never used one, go really slow at first when you finally get your hands on one.
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    What do you think.

    That's a lot of letters to fit on a T shirt.
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    Another tear down

    We are getting 1 of Shaquille O'Neal's chicken restaurants down by us. I hope it's good. It will probably be packed the first few weeks when it opens.
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    What do you think.

    I think I found the name for my punk rock band.
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    What do you think.

    I've been reading local police reports in various medium in SOMD for a while. It always amazed me how many people that were stopped for tailgating or burnt out tail light were later found with drugs and guns. I always figured that the local LE knew who to keep an eye out for. The usual...
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    2000 Mules

    "We are a nation run by a criminal cartel masquerading as a democracy".