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    Guinea Pigs...Looking for a new home...

    I will post this in classifieds also, I have 2 male guinea pigs that my kids have outgrown. They come with cage, home, 2 water bottles, food bowl. We just want them to have a good home where someone will play with them. No price tag - will accept a small donation to my son who actually paid...
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    Medal Steel Drum

    Hi I am looking for a metal steel drum for burning anyone know where I might find one in this area. Thanks
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    Dog found at 46591 Expedition Dr. Wed 12/26

    He would not come to me and would not let me get close to him. He waited till I came in the Bldg and then came up close to the door. Was laying up close to the bldg to stay dry.
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    Dog found at 46591 Expedition Dr. Wed 12/26

    Went back down stairs to see if I could check for collar on him and he is gone. Sorry
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    Dog found at 46591 Expedition Dr. Wed 12/26

    Black/White dog found at 46591 Expedition Dr - looks scared to death - probably has gotten turned around and has no idea where to go. Call 240-298-7146 if you are missing your pet :).
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    The Stupid, the Crazy, and the anti-American!

    I aggree Odessa, The new generation will not have the opportunity as we have had. The American people that voted for Obama will have no one to blame but themselves when they lose jobs, homes, and health care. oh wait you will not lose that because he is going to take care of you. For all you...
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    New State Laws for Scooters

    Sockgirl77 you are wrong on your speed. the speed limit is 45mph so I will be waving at you when you are visiting with the cop So go ahead and fly by doing your 55mph. You might want to try and read the sign on your way home this evening!!!
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    New State Laws for Scooters

    I will be sure to wave as I go by and you are stopped with a cop and getting a ticket. Again to many people think that 235 is a race way. It's not!! So maybe you should be one of those that slow DOWN. or are you one of them that run red lights like so many do!!
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    New State Laws for Scooters

    Scooter Well Folks Look out if the requirement is going to be you need to Tag and get insurance for your scooter than I will start riding mine down the middle of 235. After all a person on a scooter has just as much right as a car. Remember the speed limit is 45!!! not 60 or above.
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    There is a lady on Great Mills RD next to CVS and right behind the pizza place I have used her and she is really good. Hope that helps.
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    Angelic Trayvon Image Falls Appart

    ok all you PARENTS you better get on your child's facebook / youtube and emails and see what they are posting. And oh by the way go by the Middle Schools and High Schools and see what goes on!!! YOUR CHILD JUST MIGHT BE LABELED A THUG or anything else you want to call them. Check them out...
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    Zimmermann Legal Defense Fund

    Hey are you all NUTS!!!! Zimmerman had no right carrying a gun that night. Don't take me wrong I have no problems with guns. But he had other choices that evening. For one moment stop and think what would you do if you lived in a neighborhool and some "neighborhood watch" person shot your...
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    Lawyer for Horse

    took the trailer and a state trooper and went in - loaded up and left :)
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    Lawyer for Horse

    Pony has been recovered! Thanks so much for all the advice!!!
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    Lawyer for Horse

    I do have a bill of sale and all I can say is somewhere there had to be a miscommunication or misunderstanding. Talked to State Police and they are saying that it's a civil matter and that court and/or lawyer will be the way to go. The State police will only get involved if they actually...