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    Doggie Doors

    Yeah, I've thought of that. I'm hoping I'm smart enough to remember to shut it at night when I go to bed! Of course, then she will be getting me up at all hours of the night to go out. Nah, she's not that bad. She's a great dog!
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    Doggie Doors

    I've looked at several of them. The one that goes up into the door like this one, or the ones with the flap and the sensor on the dog's collar. I just don't know much about them. I have read some of the reviews and get mixed feelings. I think I'd rather put the dog door in my metal door to...
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    Doggie Doors

    Those look really cool. I will have to look at those more! Thanks :)
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    Doggie Doors

    Now that is too funny! But, no definitely not! :)
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    Doggie Doors

    They have the collars that go with the door so she can go in and out whenever she wants but it won't let any other animals in the house since they don't have the collar/microchip on them.
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    Doggie Doors

    I am thinking about putting a dog door in my metal door for my 70lbs shepherd to be able to go in/out when I am at work or away for a weekend. I would like one that has a locking feature so no critters can get into the house, but she can get out. Does anyone have any suggestions or have...
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    My Fitness Pal and FitBit

    I just got my fit bit about three weeks ago and have been using it with my fitness pal. I Love it!
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    Boothes Heating and Air

    I went with BOOTHES to replace my heat pump/air conditioning unit in the spring. I LOVED them! They were fast, professional and so helpful. I would highly recommend them to anyone!
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    Tornado Watch Issued

    tornado in leonardtown I just heard a tornado touched down in Leonardtown. Anyone else hear about it?
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    st marys tax place?

    Hi. I sent you a PM as well
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    Orthopedic Surgeon for Shoulder

    I had Dr. Deborah Spatz in Calvert work on my shoulder. She is really good, loved her. The office staff is great and she has a great personality as well. I haven't had any problems with my shoulder either.
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    ultimate therapy

    Hi. I have been to Ultimate Therapy for massage therapy. I usually see Rita - she is licensed massage therapist as well as Physical Therapist Assistant. I think the world of her. But I haven't worked with anyone else there. They all seem very nice though. Hope this helps.
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    Hannah had a dental appt today

    We guessed Hannah to be about 6 years old. This morning she was purring, I think it's the first time I've heard/felt her purr since I got her. I'm so glad she's doing so much better!
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    Hannah had a dental appt today

    No, just soft food for the next 48 hours. She gets canned food at night anyway. She came home and wolfed down the food last night. :-)
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    Anyone else out there sick?

    Wow, your husband has been sick. Wow. Hope you all feel better soon, will let you know about the surgery :)