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    Hand Gun Requirements?

    To get a handgun you need to take this class (see below link) and present the associated printout to the gun dealer that you plan on making the purchase MD Firearms Safety Training
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    Bald Eagle Photography

    Blackwater Wildlife Refuge on the eastern shore in Dorchester is a great place. I think they have 18 nesting pairs, stop by the visitor center or contact them by phone for details.
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    Trick Shooter Tom Knapp performs in Charles County

    Saw him shoot at the Secret Service Academy a couple years back…quite an impressive show
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    Crabs in Waldorf area?

    Been there a couple of times this year and each time the crabs were great. However, they only had mediums, but they were full and would recommend them. I’m new to the area so there might be a better place
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    Sent a message to our chapter on this event. Looks like it will be good weather. Be safe, John Treasurer RKMC MD1
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    Red Helmet Ride

    Red Knights Int'l F/F MC Maryland 1 presents the Firefighter’s version of rolling thunder “The Red Helmet Ride” this Saturday, October 2nd we honor the fallen and their families The Twelfth annual Red Helmet Ride will be held on Saturday, October 2nd, 2010. Staging will be at the Walkersville...
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    Hogs & Hereos Poker Run this Saturday 9/11

    Hogs & Heroes Poker Run this Saturday 9/11 Red Knights are a sponsor of The Hogs and Heroes Foundation and Old Glory Harley-Davidson Poker Run this Saturday and thought I would extend a invite to my Southern Maryland friends. The Hogs and Heroes Bike/Car Show and Poker Run is annual charity...