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    2021 Hummingbird Thread

    That's an invasive species and you are allowed to shoot them.
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    2021 Hummingbird Thread

    Just saw the first one at my house (in Owings). A male, ruby throated. A few days later than usual.
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    So beaches...

    I like long walks on the beach, Pina Coladas, and getting caught in the rain....
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    What kind of spider

    I thought it was a little early in the year to see such large spiders. I've never seen one that looks like this. Thank God I saw it before I ran into it and had it on my face or in my hair! Anyway, the picture doesn't do it justice and it's a little blurry. Any idea what this is called?
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    Laughed way too hard at this one. Warning: STUPID HURTS

    Thith ith me af'er thirtheen mimotha's
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    2021 Hummingbird Thread

    Anybody seen one yet? I've got my feeder out. Normally see the first one about the second to third week of April.
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    Happy Birthday, Stgislander

    But you get the honor of having your birthday on National Beer Day. I'm jealous. :buddies:
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    Happy Birthday, Stgislander

    :bdaycake: Happy birthday! :cheers:
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    Happy Birthday, NextJen

    Thanks everyone for the well wishes. You sure make a girl feel special :) Cheers! :cheers:
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    I thought Popeye's had the murder sammich!

    I find only Wendy's gets me that mad.
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    Mother Nature Has Her Own Way

    What a travesty, only two hands
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    Oh great...thanks post office

    I was late getting a car in for emissions by about a month. Went to the place in PFred fully expecting to pay a late fee and the guy doing the test said no, they were waived due to COVID. I've come to learn that sometimes it's whoever you get waiting on you on any given day and what kind of...
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    Oh great...thanks post office

    I hope the part for my riding lawn mower gets here soon, it's starting to look like a jungle out there! In the meantime, I tell myself all of these little blooming weeds are good for the bees.
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    Dems believe Md. Gov will be a Dem in 2022

    Thank goodness! If we get a Democrat Governor maybe they will finally clean up the crime in Baltimore and lower our taxes!
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    "I hope your momma lets me beat you,"

    I saw this story on WTOP the other day. Every commenter was outraged at how the police handled the situation. Not one commented about what the kid had done (and probably has a history of doing) - like you pointed out, the kid had hurt a fellow student, destroyed a computer, etc. The child has...