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    More Humor...

    The true definition of bare back
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    Happy birthday, luvmygdaughters!

    :bdaycake: Hope you have a great day! :cheers:
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    Sirloin steak, mac n cheese, and brussel sprouts
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    Real Feel Temps

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    More Humor...

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    More Humor...

    Good Lawd, hand him a Gillette and tell him to GTFO.
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    Dear Ann Landers:

    Was he?
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    Liberal's Tweet Goes Viral: 'White People Love Dogs Because They Miss Owning Slaves'

    Lets see - I have to get up to let my dogs out, feed them at a scheduled time, make sure I am home to let them out before they have an accident, provide comfy beds and some toys for them, make sure they are taken to the vet and the groomer regularly, share (a better portion of) my bed with...
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    ...and it didn't even cost a bullet.

    Don't be sad, I'm pretty sure I saw Hillary Clinton's name in the link. Unless you're into that sort of 'thing'.....
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    Non offensive Friday...

    Does that sidewall say 'MAN'?!?!?!?
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    Drinking coffee, even 25 cups a day, not bad for your heart, new study says

    Treating myself to some caffeine this morning. Woo-hoo!