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    STEM Program

    :yeahthat: I guess I remember having tons more homework than he gets. He'll have something every night, but usually done pretty quickly.
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    STEM Program

    My oldest has been in the STEM program since 6th grade. He was attending an elementary school I loved so he didn't join up until middle school (he was already slated to attend Spring Ridge). He's in 9th grade now - he has excelled at it. The teachers are supportive and willing to go...
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    Inground Swimming Pool

    Do you know what kind of inground pool? (liner, fiberglass, concrete)
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    More online dating observations

    someone who wishes he had a little more "chemistry" every now and then.
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    White Whines

    Chasey last night: My iphone fell into my Martini so now sometimes my speakers don't work.
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    White Whines

    The brightness of my two HD large work monitors are giving me a headache and all I have is store brand ibrupofin
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    Pectus Excavatum Surgery?

    I'm looking for a reputable orthopedic surgeon for the opposite of this condition: Pectus Carinatum. (where the chest grows out instead of in). Has anyone had experiences with this and/or have recommendations for drs?
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    Subway in Dunkirk

    I just say it better because I'm white.
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    Subway in Dunkirk

    I for one thought they were being pretty laid back with black scum.....I woulda probably said black mother f#cker, or low life piece of sh!t, or f#cktwat that needs to kill himself.
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    The Walking Dead

    didn't the bus haul ass out of there before the Tyrese kid mafia hit?
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    Sirens Lexington Park area?

    I'm thinking its probably Santa being driven around on the firetrucks, but I don't know for sure.
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    Gun confiscation in New York has begun

    Can you post news that isn't 7 months old?
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    Zombie plan

    everything except food.
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    The Walking Dead

    Or she teams with him because she's all bad ass now
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    Well you obviously don't roll any joints