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    210 Dump Trucks

    Moving all the construction waste out of DC.. look to your right (nb) between fort Washington rd and ft. Foote rd. That used to be lower than the road. Another dump site is off of Palmer rd.
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    To Defeat Trump, Virginia Dems Give State’s Electoral Votes Away. Ted Cruz Gives Them A Constitutional Lesson.

    So Democrats in Va. wont even need to go to the polls. No voice of the people involved Can the people create electoral free zones? Notice the dems aren’t giving away their right to increase taxes on their constituents...
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    Pellet Stove Acting Up

    Did you check/test the thermocouple?
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    What were they thinking?

    Spotted this on todays travels
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    If you can't get Trump, go after Barr

    Anonymous are much better when writing about the fed. Unnamed could be almost anybody.
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    Don't become a statistic SG

    I thought it was , “sling the pan across the room to get it in the sink first, then add water” :doh:
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    If you can't get Trump, go after Barr

    How about changing with guns to outdoor sports?
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    If you can't get Trump, go after Barr

    How rotten, how dare he put anything out that is his opinion. Thats your job, right?
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    Barbara Eden funny story...

    Heres to betting some of your dreams did :buddies: :lmao:
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    4 High school student athletes beat up coach

    :yay: HGTV/This Old house/New Yankee workshop, Forged in fire, etc.etc. I do support the Charles County Youth league and So. Md. Sabres, but not CCPS programs. Pro-anything can go suck it. They just reinforce the idea that playing is all about the Benjamins. “Myles Garrett is allowed to play...
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    I give up, why do people behave this way?

    I owe you an apology for calling you a jackass. Obviously I was wrong because you are a full blown pompous, dickwad.
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    Mueller Prosecutors May Have Lied To DOJ About Stone Prison Sentence Recommendation

    Expulsion from the ABA would be a nice start for their new careers.
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    Vote For Sanders Because YOU Feel He Was Treated Unfairly

    Always vote with your heart. :sarcasm: Good grief. These same people wonder why their elected officials arent worth having.
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    I give up, why do people behave this way?

    :roflmao:One (or more) of the Stoltzfus girls turn you down?
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    I give up, why do people behave this way?

    No Lucas, Dement or Quade (Quaid)? You must be an implant too