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    Time for Chic-fila

    \Extra Polanesian sauce, please.. (sp)
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    Help me pick!

    I think I like the color one because of the warmth it has in it.:howdy:
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    Help me pick!

    I usually prefer B/W, but in this case, I prefer the colored picture. ...I'm the only one!!:jameo:
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    Gas vs Electric

    I prefer gas, but unfortunately currently have electric. :howdy:
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    Snow advisory

    You can have ALL of my smow!!!:buddies:
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    American Idol

    What channel?:buddies:
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    Snow advisory

    Got the necessities! Just sick of the damned smow!!:cds:
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    Snow advisory

    Yup! Plenty. And they just raised the approximate accumulation to 9"-12"!!!:jameo:
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    Pump it with air .....

    It's called the olive oil pumper thingy. You're welcome in advance.:howdy:
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    Snow advisory

    5-8" (more) predicted for tonight where I'm at.:cds:
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    She is very cute!! I love the name Miley too!! Good luck with her!:howdy:
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    What Is The Point

    Maybe they enjoy the hazing that a Newbie recieves?:coffee:
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    irritable what???

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    irritable what???

    My girlfriend from Grad school had it. It was horrible and every kind of food would flare it up. There were times I thought that she was going to #### herself!:faint:
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    irritable what???