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    NASCAR Talladega, Playoff Race #5

    Bunch of funny people. I was really feeling bad for you Homie since you have occupied last place since way back, so I on purpose did lousy this year so you wouldn't be in last place. 1. Truex 2 Ky Busch 3 Harvick 4 Larson 5 Elliott
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    NASCAR Talladega, Playoff Race #5

    I feel left out you didnt mention position 5.
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    Northern St. Mary's County

    Ive lived in Charlotte Hall for 41 years, we are located right in the middle of everything in the Tri-County area. We are within 20 miles of 3 hospitals. Don't have the big box stores, but are within 20 miles of them in 4 different directions. We have the longest section of the Three Notch...
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    NASCAR Dover, Playoff Race #4

    1. Truex Jr 2. Harvick 3. Larson 4. Elliott 5. Ky Busch Back to my top 5 picks thats what won me the championship last year. Im just not able to pick what order now with the new scoring system with my advancing age creeping up. Do I get some type of senior or veteran discount or bonus...
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    NASCAR Dover, Playoff Race #4

    Sorry Homie your not going to win with picking Hamlin. Thats about his worse track ever. Sure he won the pole but its not going to help jim.
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    NASCAR Charlotte Roval, Playoff Race #3

    1 Truex 2 Ky Busch 3 Harvick 4 Hamlin 5 Elliott
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    NASCAR Richmond Raceway, Playoff Race #2

    I keep getting close its always my pick to win and second place pick, just need to flip them around. Was going to go with Truex but after reading my morning paper and seeing Kyle Busch has 6 wins at Richmond I went with him. Hell with 144 laps to go my first 4 picks were running in the order I...
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    NASCAR Richmond Raceway, Playoff Race #2

    1 Kyle Busch 2 Martin Truex Jr 3 Denny Hamlin 4 Kevin Harvick 5 Chase Elliott
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    NASCAR Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Playoff Race #1

    1. Harvick 2 Kyle Busch 3 Truex 4 Hamlin 5 Larson
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    Physical therapy

    Freedom, Mechcanicsville
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    Saint Mary's Landing

    Place has been a dump for many years. It just surprised me that the parking lot was always full of cars. Guess the old folks just loved to eat some crunchy critters with their chicken.
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    NASCAR Indianapolis Motor Speedway

    1 Kyle Busch 2 Hamlin 3 Harvick 4 Truex 5 Larson
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    Direct TV

    Yes I have didn't work for. I have to be careful that the THC in these oils and honeys don't go over certain amount or I would have to give up a lot of what I enjoy doing. It then falls into medical marijuana.