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    NASCAR All Star Race

    Ok Yes. Havent been on to check whats been happening. Kyle Busch is my choice.
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    Kansas, Saturday May 11th

    1 Kyle Busch 2 Logano 3 Harvick 4 Treux 5 Elliott
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    Bad Accident (Hughesville)

    Accident at Leonardtown and Gallant Green Rd. Five vehicles, 3 people to trauma centers, 1 by air 2 by ground. Northbound lanes shutdown. Possible reconstruction so could be closed for awhile. Time now is 830am happened at 730am.
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    Old Line Restaurant and Pub

    Opened for business yesterday. The owners put a lot of work into fixing the place up after the fire, when it was the Steak in a Sack. Take it easy on them, there's going to be growing pains. They open for lunch at 1130 am. week days Tuesday -Friday. Closed on Mondays.
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    Sucks to Own a Toyota

    I have a 2006 Tundra that I had a recall on for a rust problem. They fixed it just fine. It also qualified for a rental for 3 days.
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    Heavy duty yard work!

    Were neighbors, Im in CH also. I'll ask me son if he might be interested in another yard. I use to love doing yards with him till my health has prevented me. I can hardly get my own yard done now. He is really busy so he may not want to tackle another yard. Last year he had about 18 yards...
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    Dover May 5th 2pm Gander RV 400

    1 Kyle Busch 2 Harvick 3Logano 4Truex 5Elliott
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    1 Kyle Busch 2 Truex jr 3Harvick 4Hamlin 5Logano
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    Richmond Raceway, Saturday, April 13, 2019

    ! Ky Busch 2 Hamlin 3 Truex 4 Harvick 5 Logano I don't like being in last place.
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    Bristol Motor Speedway

    1. Hamlin 2 Ky Busch 3 Logano 4 Harvick 5 Bowyer
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    Texas Motor Speedway

    1. Kyle Busch 2 Harvick 3 Johnson 4 Logano 5Truex Jr.
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    Bank of America......Waldorf

    Its not that its bad, it sits on the county line. Before the police even get the call the bad guys are probably into PG County.
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    Martinsville Speedway

    1 Kyle Busch 2 Kevin Harvick 3 Denny Hamilin 4 Joey Logano 5 Truex Jr.
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    Fontana, California Auto Club Speedway

    Harvick Busch Ky Hamlin Truex Jr. Logano
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    New Businesses Coming to Southern Maryland

    From what I remember reading Family Dollar owns Dollar Tree, not DT owning FD. Family Dollar was only going to close around 300 of their many thousand of stores, and many are going to become Dollar Trees. Family Dollar is the 2nd largest dollar store behind Dollar General. Yes the round about...