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    He Really Does Care!

    Please do.
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    Really can't make stuff this up. But they did.

    It's all about the revenue, not safety. If it was about safety then the cameras would have no gray areas, 20 would be the trigger not 11 over. And since you really can't fight your "accuser" (they won't bring the camera to court or produce the certification/calibration) this is simply wrong to...
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    Rep. Omar Corrupt Tax Cheat

    Sounds like Comey and the Hildebeast over her mis-handling of classified stuff - things that would get the rest of us sent to the big house.
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    Seafood Restaurant

    That place has great food and music. A friend of ours plays there every third Saturday and it is a great atmosphere.
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    Sen. Hirono: Democrats Have a Hard Time "Connecting" With People Because Of "How Smart We Are"

    If he has "trailers", it is most likely due to his position in the Gov't.
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    Predictable as clockwork

    Found nothing to indict with. Since this didn't work, what's next on the list? I can't wait to see what stuff the a$$hats will try to pin on him next. Maybe cheating at golf? what a waste of money this was.
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    More great news about the tax reform law...

    Wasn't this designed to put more money into the hands of the populace? So you paid less in taxes withheld and your paycheck went up so you had more money in hand while not giving it to Uncle as an interest free loan. Wasn't that the way it was supposed to work?
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    Northam Promises to Get Woke - Read 'Roots' and Ta-Nehisi Coates

    This is just so wrong. If a Republican had done this then there would be no end to the screaming for him to go. See the elections guy in FLA (can't remember his name) who got punted for the same damn thing after only 11 days. If they didn't have double standards they'd have no standards at all.
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    Morris Point Marina Restaraunt

    Had good luck there the times we have been there. Food is good though service can be spotty due to the season. We go to hear a couple of friends who play music there and always have a good time.
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    Harris Teeter

    You can order the stuff. It sounds amazing
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    Iso yard equipment repair

    Looking for someone to repair yard equipment in Lusby. Would prefer someone close by, commute to DC everyday and getting stuff to places is hard to do during business hours. Appreciate any information I can get.
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    Cove Point Traffic Light removal

    They will probably keep them, given that the plan is to turn the staging area into a park with fields and other amenities. But this being the People's Republic of Maryland, anything is possible.
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    Good Restaurants in Lusby?

    There is a decent place to eat in Lusby? Outside of .... what? Buckets. Salsas and Ledo's are fine enough?
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    Fox News Fair and Balanced

    Has anyone been able to keep track of all the crap that is being spewed out here by Sappy? I think we need a scorecard to keep track of the bovine defecation here.