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    Chesapeake Shores

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    Beautiful Day

    Seriously a beautiful day. :bann: All the flowers soon. This makes me happy.
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    Happy Birthday, Stgislander

    :bday: (the strawberry pie was great!)
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    Happy Birthday, NextJen

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    St. Mary's Co. Sheriff Somerville, First Black Sheriff in Maryland, Passes Away at 81

    I remember him well, and he was a good man. RIP Joe Lee.
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    Happy Birthday Wi Hahn!

    :bday: Wi
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    See post #5
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    I have a question.

    I can't love this enough.
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    Vintage costume jewelry

    I love it! Especially the dragonfly up top.
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    New To The Area

    Welcome :howdy: I think you'll love it here.
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    COVID Testing

    I hope you feel better soon..... :bann:
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    What's for dinner?

    Crab cake, seared scallops and cole slaw. Strawberry pie for desert. Thanks for the recipe @SGI !
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    What's for dinner?

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    Car Colors

    My mom used to keep us busy in the car as kids with this: Rigama, rigama, rigamarie, I see something that you don't see... and it's red (or blue, or green). Then you had to guess what it was. Kept us all busy and no fighting. Genius. I haven't thought about that for YEARS.
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    Chit chat Looks like a good place