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    Cruise from Hell

    Yeah. You're all about facts...
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    Happy Birthday Rose! :flowers:
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    What's for dinner?

    My favorite food ever!
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    Are we back to hoarding?

    No half & half :jameo: I checked 3 stores yesterday.
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    What's your favorite SoMD restaurant?

    I still haven't been to Pier 450. Great reviews all around. Soon.
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    You can't make it up

    But.... wait! Brandon will speak on this tomorrow. The suspense is killin' me
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    You can't make it up

    He's talking about 1/6 and election security. Those riots last year, all year, not mentioned. Our democracy is in danger. over 1/6.
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    You can't make it up

    AG Garland speaking now. WTF.
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    So what comfort foods did you make for your snow day?

    I had Progresso clam chowder with a crusty buttered roll. I'm pretty comforted right now. I'll have a meatball sub for dinner.
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    I have the pool I've always wanted. A little muddy though 🦆
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    Ghislaine Maxwell

    ALL involved should be arrested.
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    Celebrity Death Pool

    :bawl:RIP Betty. Thanks for all the laughs.
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    Omicron Variant Hysteria

    OMG I have all of those!
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    Happy Day StadEMS3