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    RIP Firebrand

    He was my next-door neighbor. Best neighbor anybody could ever have.
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    Massive Fire in Solomons

    I certainly hope the vet can get rebuilt or relocated soon. Stocking-cat and Smoky-blew are about due for their next annual appointments.
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    So how is covid really affecting your life?

    I think it's kinda cool to be able to go into a place of business wearing a mask and not be suspected of dishonorable intentions.
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    Police shoot and kill teenager with air soft gun in St Marys

    This is one case where I would consider the officer to be fully justified.
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    Adobe brick lawns in Solomons

    After the sidewalks along the main street here in Solomons got finished, the county apparently hired some contractor to come through and carpet the front-most 8 or 9 feet of everybody's front lawns with some sort of sun-dried adobe brick reinforced with a combination of dead straw and that...
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    Fire Ants!

    Yup! We've had fire ants around here since forever. I don't know how to get rid of them (at least any way that my neighbors would find acceptable).
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    Crime gang in Baltimore

    Does anybody know anything about these three phone numbers? 410-525-6070 410-525-6053 410-525-6032 As near as I can tell, these three numbers belong to a crime gang in Baltimore. Unless you know something I don't know, I'd suggest you oughta not call them nor answer if they call you. I'm...
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    How early is too early to mow your lawn?

    Since I use either a battery-electric or a manual reel mower (depending on what I'm mowing) I can start any time without much noise to bother anybody, but I usually wait until about 10:30 or 11:00 just because the grass is easier to mow after all the dew is dried off of it. And oh by the way...
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    Road blocked in Solomons

    In Solomons, Sedwick Avenue between Woodburn Lane and Alexander Lane is blocked due to some fallen wires. Nobody ever goes there anyhow, but hey, why not mention it.
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    To the Lesbian couple at Target.

    What's Chicago and black got to do with it? I just think it's rather hilarious that here in modern-day America carrying guns around everywhere appears to be more acceptable than acts of loving kindness.
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    To the Lesbian couple at Target.

    I'd rather see them loving each other instead of shooting at each other.
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    Cove Point

    Dominion Gas-Pains is building a huge facility to waste a lot of real estate and suck up the profits from a lot of public services the rest of us are paying taxes for.
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    Wouldn't it be easier to just ban children?

    Portions of Iowa are very hilly. And the organizers of the famous RAGBRAI bike ride know where they all are!
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    Cap tailgate repair

    Got 'em! Advance Auto in Lusby had them. They snap right onto the old mounts. Didn't even hafta undo the pop rivets.
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    Cap tailgate repair

    Thank you! I'll check out Trak Auto (or whatever their new name is) and whoever else I find. They're pop-riveted in, it'll be no problem to punch out the rivets and put the new ones in.