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    winter series???

    hey sadie!!
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    I am a true Floridian....

    that last post was for sadieylady by the way. :)
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    I am a true Floridian....

    hey hey, i might be going to college in florida next year. that would be so fun, you could teach me again lol :)
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    we got together with a few other farms around here and made a show series. each farm is hosting a show and the first one is in november.....returning champs... here we come!! :)
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    elvis is doing so well he tryed to kill me the other day buit im showing him in november for the first time in a year so excited!!
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    Night trail riding!

    hey you!!! thats kinda funny. miss ya
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    western show stuff for sale!!!

    hey everyone. I have a western show saddle w/ a headstall, ultra suade chaps (black and tan), show shirts (all colors and patterns). I need to sell them, looking for best offer.
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    Video of the 2008 GMorris Horsemastership clinic

    of course George is king! :lmao:
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    Video of the 2008 GMorris Horsemastership clinic

    sadielady!!! haha
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    she can ride, its just me that has to go to work
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    9 am
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    :smack:Hey, i lied this afternoon.....i can't ride on sat. at 10. i have to work, but i get out at 1:15, so if its after that then i can....sorry
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    :whistle:are there lessons tonight? i heard something about lessons on sat.
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    Holly Point Hunter Show 12/9 Postponed !

    b/c the show is now going to be in jan. are we still going to have the awards at the krome clinic?