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    Petsitter/housesitter needed. Bonded and Insured. Located in Clements, MD
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    Letter to editor

    As far as I'm aware she is. And if you've ever been in a nursing home there are plenty of patients with this disease that are disruptive. Meds or no meds. It's unfortunately part of the disease.
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    Letter to editor

    Great letter in the Enterprise yesterday. They need to do a story on how our seniors are treated in this county/country.
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    Gaited Horse Clinic

    Joe London Gaited Horse Clinic. Please see flyer for info!
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    Alzheimer's Support Group?

    There is a support group that meets at St Marys Nursing Home the THIRD Monday of every month at 6:30 Pm Ask at the front desk and they will send you to the correct room. Facilitator is Sharon Nicholson. Please feel free to join us!
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    Farrier needed in Calvert

    I use Pat Quinn 410-474-1054 He's in Calvert. On time and returns calls.
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    Primary Care Physician

    I second Dr Gill!
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    Labradoodle info, please... A good article to read if your looking for hypoallergenic.
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    Labradoodle info, please...

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    From the classifieds:

    But some idiot will buy it. Just like they buy all the other mutts for much much more!
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    Heat Pumps

    We just had our until replaced two months ago. We used T.N. Bowes. I can't say enough wonderful things about them. Our new unit is a Carrier, and with the SMECO rebate, the Carrier rebate, and T.N. Bowes gave another 5% off for paying cash. They were professional, and I would call them again...
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    Farmstead Kennels I highly recommend Happy Tails Pet Sitting. Pets are less stressed staying home. We have used them before and are very happy!
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    Vet reccommendations....

    Why yes I did
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    Vet reccommendations....

    I'm guessing Dr. Schmitt is very familiar with this breed And yes, she is. I've used her as my vet for as long as I have been in the breed.
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    Vet reccommendations....

    I think PFAH is very fair in their prices. More so then other vets. I've been going there for a very long time. I would rather pay more at a vet who is experienced with mastiffs then take the chance that a chain hospital would kill my dog not having the experience. Mastiffs as I'm sure...