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    Esperanza Lanes

    Just booked my kid's birthday party......ON BASE! Who even goes to the S#$% hole on 235 anymore?! Most people go to Calvert to bowl if they don't have base access.
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    I need to get ahold of someone

    Yay! Glad to help!
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    I need to get ahold of someone

    He just replied that he forwarded my message to someone who knows her well......standby!
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    I need to get ahold of someone

    I actually did find someone in her friends list that I know but am not facebook friends with (went to school with the guy) Anyway I sent him a message asking him to have her check her other folders because someone found property of hers in Target. I hope it helps. :)
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    I need to get ahold of someone

    I read this on facebook, I applaud you for trying to return her property to her. I do not know her nor do I have any mutual friends with her. However there are several friend on her page that I DO have mutual friends with....wouldn't hurt to try that route. Would you be willing to PM me your...
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    Sheriff Cameron struck by firetruck

    I don't understand the mindset of the people saying I'm sure it was an accident & why is he being charged???? Accidents happen all the time but it's still someone's fault, whether intentional or not, negligence was there. The fact that he is a volunteer doesn't make him above the law. I have the...
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    Looking for country sausage

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    Do you approve of your child(ren)'s SO?

    This is how my family is. AND I love that most can be adult enough to be around for kids/grandkids etc. My uncle's ex-wife is still my Aunt along with the current one (30+ years) & I love them both & think it's great we can all be friendly!
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    Child seats

    I just wrap the little one up in a blanket & run to the car, the heat's on anyway & they don't complain!
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    Serious Accident N/B 235 N/O Clover Hill

    Beat me to it! ^^^
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    Child seats

    My mom is always fussng about the kids not having coats on, I'm like they are going take it off when we get in the car anyway, why bother for 10 steps when they don't care! We came blankets for each kid in the car, plu I have remote start which is sooooo Awesome in the Winter!
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    Ridge Carnival 2015

    see ya there!
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    Body Shop Recommendations

    PJs autobody on Great Mills Road
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    Child seats

    My son will be 8 years old in December but it is only 42 pounds & almost 48 inches tall, needless to say, he is still in the 5 point harness. His seat allows that up until 75 pounds then it turns into a high back booster & then a regular booster up to like 110 pounds or something. He will be in...
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    Website URL for Daycare license status please

    Maybe they just haven't updated the website, you could put in your address though....but like i said I did that for my neighborhood where I know there are at least 2 licensed providers & nothing showed up. I think the one Badgirl posted is the best bet