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    Where to find a cheap dehumidifier

    Yea, except it actually does do a good job with moisture in the air. Its why restaurants put rice in the salt shaker.
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    Parental input needed

    My parental advice is to make sure your kid doesnt waste money at a diploma mill fake college.
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    'Dogfishing' trend is duping singles on dating apps

    Hmm when she asks about your dog appear sad and say it passed away.
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    Where to find a cheap dehumidifier

    Get them up off the floor, throw a bag of instant rice in each container or giant ziploc bag.
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    Where to find a cheap dehumidifier

    Describe your walls and floor. Paintimg my moms block wall basement with drilock paint controled what moisture she had. The key is to build the house correctly in the dirst pllace. A properly designed french drain and foundation vs a cheaply made job makes a world of difference. You can fix it...
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    Where to find a cheap dehumidifier

    Wow, i would say you have an underlying ptoblem you should try to fix and not just maskk with a dehumidifier then.
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    Where to find a cheap dehumidifier

    Just thought I'd mention this since you want an inexpensive unit. There is no such thing as an inexpensive dehumidifier, they actually use quite a bit of electricity. The only things in your house that will use more is the air conditioner, refrigerator, and water heater.
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    Waiter allegedly shot dead for being 'too slow with sandwich

    From what I gather it was certainly not a pulled pork sandwich.
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    97.7 The Bay

    Ok, glad thats not me, I thought my new car had a problem with its radio.
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    Farted on It For You F**CKED It For You
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    97.7 The Bay

    Maybe the computer cant count thqt high?
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    Some interesting news for TV cordcutters

    Update, found out that none of the indoor antennas are made for VHF any more. The issue there is compounded by the fact that the stations I couldn't get are on the LO VHF band. So I've been doing a lot of research and am going to make a simple half wavelength folded dipole antenna and give it...
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    Android phones

    I like the moto G line, you can buy them outright off amazon for under $250. I have a Moto G6+ now and think it is a great phone. Best of all, no contract, paid $235 for it and if I break it I have no qualms about throwing it in the trash and buying another (and I dont get raped by carrier...
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    Zombie Tidal Wave!

    Zombies eat brains, they would starve there.