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    If you have a minute

    I plan on going here one day.
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    If you have a minute

    Only times I've seen it good was on an aircraft carrier and in Death Valley in January.
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    If you have a minute

    Just noticed you was a stargazer too, I haven't had much time to lately though.
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    If you have a minute

    When I took out the trash tonight and saw it I thought about telling you to go look at it.
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    Ah, they aren't necessarily looking for a better alloy, they are looking for a better alloy to cast (a relatively cheap process), that makes more sense. My guess is for main electrical lines, something like a bus bar. I am not a fan of aluminum as a conductor, it is very good but has...
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    Maybe with the batteries, but aluminum.....doubtful. one of the things that I know real well is aluminum alloys. 7075 is the strongest useful alloy, there is at least one stronger (7079) but it has problems with something called stress corrosion cracking, they tried to use it on the Apollo...
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    Cop on sick leave for 22 years, finally retires

    But did he have pay parity with the next county over during this time?
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    Batten the Hatches

    Here comes some strong storms and wind.
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    Does anyone know nutz IRL?

    Deez nuts?
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    The unsolicited PM thread

    With everything going on in my life I had forgotten all about this.
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    More shenanigans and tomfoolery on rt 235

    Something is to be said for driving a big hole piece of crap.
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    I think the coronavirus is a fraud

    Actually a company named Moderna shipped an experimental vaccine today.
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    Tyson Fury "The Gypsy King"

    Foreman wasn't very skilled either, just had one hell of a chin and could hit like a Mack truck.
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    So in the continuing saga

    With all you been through if I was in your situation I would have brought the steel plated toy to the after funeral dinner and publicly handed it to your SIL saying you left this at mom's, looked expensive dont want you to lose it.
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    Here's what I don't understand:

    It's like a cat, let me outside, oh my god let me back inside, why would you let me go out there.... He is not one of them and never will be, he was just a useful idiot to them and they put up with him when he was useful, but they never expected him to sit at the adults table.