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    MEDICAL MARIJUANA -- An inside look at Maryland's budding medical marijuana industry

    There is nothing you can do about it at this stage but pray. This is not a blessing and I am now in Colorado and I see it first hand daily.
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    Possible local card fraud .88 cent charge from Bismark ND.

    Check every account you have daily. Checking, savings, credit and medical. Yes medical accounts. I was told this 20 years ago by a friend who is one of the plankowners of the FBI's cyber fraud program. I questione him with "daily???" He responded, "yes daily. How big of a head start do you...
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    Financial Advisor

    I am late to this thread however I recommend you interview an Edward Jones Advisor. I have been with EJ for 30 years and am very satisfied with their advice, support and investment products. I have found they provide support on your entire portfolio regardless of whether it is held at Edward...
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    Gutter and powerwashing company

    We always had luck with R&W Power Washing. 240 298-0430
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    So is it still raining there?

    The rain will be a memory when the annual drought that takes everyone by surprise occurs.
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    Lockheed Martin anticipates job reductions @PAXRVR

    Best advice I ever received, and heeded. November 1983: "No matter who you work for and no matter what is promised always be prepared to lose your job tomorrow and never count on anyone else for your retirement."
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    Need To Turn Tags In

    Can I get a refund of my registration fee if the license plates are not expired? You may be eligible for a refund if your license plate expiration date is more than 12 months away. Ask the MVA customer service agent about a refund when you return the license plates. Otherwise you will need...
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    Anticipation ...

    From the "you can't make this up" department. We moved and expected to get what you are getting. It's 47 and sunny here in Colorado Springs. Good luck everyone.
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    PSA - please read!!!

    For a con to work the mark must be greedy and/or desperate. What you and I may see as a scam right up front there will be many whose vision gets clouded by the stated greed and/or desperation. The adage of "if it sounds to good to be true" will always apply.
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    Debt consolidation

    I completely agree with this. Read The Total Money Makeover by Dave and look for a Financial Peace University Class (use the Class Finder button found on his site). I know of one going on at Saint Johns in Hollywood and Mitzi would be glad to have you join I bet. The best way out is one dollar...
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    Jury Duty again?

    I realize OP is not complaining about the duty itself just the number of times on the list. It did bring to mind this recent story about Jury Duty though...
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    IRS is Suing You Scam "Note that the IRS will never: 1) call to demand immediate payment, nor will the agency call about taxes owed without first having mailed you a bill; 2) demand that you pay taxes without giving you the opportunity to question or appeal the amount...
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    Moving day

    As a Kansas Native I see this making perfect sense and I have loaded a trailer such as this with household goods many times. And yes, they are cleaned out and not just for this type of event. The ranchers I know take very good care of their equipment.
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    We use the advisory service that comes with the 401K provider and also our own advisor who factors the 401Ks into our picture. In the end it is our decision and "in the multitude of counsel there is safety."
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    The economics of gambling

    Year 2008ish - Borgata - Gypsy Bar - Bud Light and a Vodka Tonic - $14 before tip - everything was high-priced. I like nice things at a fair price but felt everything about our stay was priced high. We ventured to the other places and we don't expect much but we do like clean. I remember...