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    Pool Water delivery..cost?

    C L Pitcher in Calvert delivers pool water. I don't know how much he charges. 410-586-1626.
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    GP Female Doctor

    I agree! I go to Dr. Folsom and she is great. I wouldn't go to anyone else. She is very thorough.
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    Seamtress Needed

    My aunt in Morganza near Hills Store is a seamstress. She replaced a liner in a leather coat for me years ago. She is very good. She is quite busy so you may have to wait a bit. If you still need the service, send me a message and I will give you her number.
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    How much do you spend on gas?

    I drive from White Sands to Greenbelt every day, I spend around $400 a month and I have a Honda CRV. Heard DJ's talking on the radio this morning that by summer it would be $4 a gallon. Really need to start talking to supervisor about working from home a couple days a week. It won't be worth it...
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    Smow reports!

    I'm coming from Greenbelt & having to travel to Lusby so I will be watching everyone's posts as well to see when to get the hell out of here. The beltway is bad enough when it rains. Snow is even worse.
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    I would have to say that I was impressed

    I love their cream of crab soup. They put cheese in it. I had never had it that way before and it was delicious. The rest of the dinner was very good as well.
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    Bye Melanie (BS Gal)

    Sorry for your loss. I also never met her but enjoyed reading her posts. I lost my mother almost a year ago and watch my father coping with it. They were married for 50 years. It is hard in the beginning but knowing they are in a better place helps. Remember the good times together and know that...
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    All I can say is WOW!

    Had to drive the beltway through it to Greenbelt this morning about 7:15. Raining so hard you couldn't see anything. The beltway was at a standstill out Exit 21. Took a back road and hit one spot of water and came up over my Honda CRV. Had to sit in the car at work for 15 minutes before it let...
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    New to the area, need to find a physician.

    I love Dr. Larsen. She is the person I see the most at Calvert Family. Dr. Brooks is a great doctor as well but not female!
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    Dr Cirillo in Prince Frederick

    Glad to hear all these praises. My husband just went and had an MRI done to see if his pain is from a torn rotator cuff or just tendonitus. Physical therapy hasn't taken care of it so that's why he had the MRI done. Dr. Cirilla is talking about doing surgery in January if it is torn. So...
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    Lusby Town Center

    Amen. So would I. The person would make a killing. The closest ones are Prince Frederick and the one by Kmart. Sometimes it would be nice to be able to just run down the street and pick up parts.
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    Debating on suing our doctor

    I thought the same thing. You see advertising saying to stay with this pharmacy or that one because they care about their patients and will contact their doctor if a perscription will react with another medicine they are on. WTF??? I don't trust the doctor's down here either. It's ridiculous.
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    County trivia

    Haven't read all the way through yet but Club Sunrise was in Charlotte Hall near the Motel. I used to go there often back in the early 80's!
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    County trivia

    It was some place else before where it sits now? That must have been before my time! I've only known it to be right where it is now.
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    County trivia

    Now that you say that..... lol