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    General contractor

    Jason Russell. Sending his phone number via msg.
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    No transgender in the Military....

    Right now the Army alone estimates between 50,000-100,000 (numbers depend on the source) un-deployable soldiers with only 10% of those expected to be fit to serve in the future. If war readiness and deployable status is truly the issue at stake, then we should get rid of them all, not just...
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    No transgender in the Military....

    I feel the same way about pregnancy. It's elective. A knocked up soldier is of no benefit to the military. But, it certainly happens and more so than any reassignment surgery but yet nobody is calling for a ban on women. It's the inconsistency of the justification that bugs me. Either do the...
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    No transgender in the Military....

    Do I have it right that the justification for this is that it's distracting and too much of a medical expense? From what I understand, we're talking approximately only 2,500 transgendered persons in the military, some of whom already have or are not going to go through transition. What about the...
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    Absolutely none, and I never claimed it...unlike most. :lol:
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    So, now that MD has released its hold on the DNA testing I sent my sample to 23andMe as well as Ancestry. Both heritage results were pretty much the same except 23andMe denoted I have a small portion of Japanese ancestry which came as a really cool and unexpected surprise. This Japanese relative...
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    Closing Costs vs Capital Gains

    The home is not my principle residence so I can't take the exclusion. I've received mixed messages from different consultations. It seems I may or may not be taxed on the gross proceeds as opposed to the net proceeds. It just depends on how my 1099-S is written, which is like saying it's an IRS...
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    Closing Costs vs Capital Gains

    I plan on seeing a tax advisor in the near future, but does anyone have experience with selling a house with concessions? Were you able to write off all closing costs and concessions in order to reduce capital gains? Or, were you taxed on the full amount of house purchase before concessions were...
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    Food stamps $$$ buying lots of soda

    Soda isn't nutritious, but it is cheap and that's likely why so much is being purchased. Does Mom buy an extra gallon of milk and purchase less meat or vegetables for the table, or pay for soda and purchase more meat and vegetables? Hmm. Maybe they should just drink non-bottled water all the...
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    So the IntelligenceCommunity is playing games

    Isn't that what the intelligence community is ultimately designed to do?
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    Estate Sale Company Recommendations

    So, I used Estate Escape. At first, I thought their percentage was kind of high; however, considering everything they did from cleaning, staging, selling, and cleaning again to ready the house for market, and the professional manner in which they arranged things regarding traffic concerns...
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    Game of Thrones

    I wonder how long post-production will take before it airs. Whatever they say, add three months to it. :lol:
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    Local Business Ale House (Lexington Park)

    It went downhill before it failed and that's because their militant but highly effective manager left.
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    Stop the Alt-Right! (Neo-Nazis)

    I understood what your issue was. I was simply pointing out the fact that a right-winger first used the term, not a leftie.
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    Stop the Alt-Right! (Neo-Nazis)

    Granted, this is from Wikipedia, but I think that reliable enough for our purposes. Coining of the term In November 2008, Paul Gottfried addressed the H. L. Mencken Club about what he called "the alternative right".[28] In 2009, two more posts at...