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    Football Pool 2011-2012 Sign Up

    All is well, thanks for asking. :buddies: I've been only a viewer for the past several months, somehow just don't feel like posting much these days. And as far as the pool, I've been holding out waiting to see if I felt up to it, but I just don't. I think I kinda burned out last year. :ohwell:
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    septic problems

    Wayne's Drains Pumped the septic, gave good advice and taught me a few things, told me we're using our septic properly and have no problems with it, showed up on time, friendly, didn't try to sell me anything, and at the end Wayne told me he appreciated that I called them from this far north...
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    SNT-MHR 83 NFE/E-130 SONE37//P/JOH ADVA CCSV Retired :buddies:
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    Scary freezer food...

    Damn! :lol: You gotta watch those guys, they'll get into anything!
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    Scary freezer food...

    ... Every now and then you just gotta get in there and either use stuff or throw it the hell away. A good rule of thumb is if you can't remember what it is by either visual or sense of smell, when you put it in there, or it just looks unidentifiable, then it's gone. Of course, I...
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    Who eats more? You or your Significant other?

    Both of us tend to have voracious appetites (especially when it's good food), so I'd say we're about even. Probably depends mostly on if that meal is one of ours' favorites or not, or if one of us was sampling too much while cooking. :lol:
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    Rte 4 NB closed Wed AM - accident

    It was so backed up, I couldn't get out of the garage. And that was yesterday morning. :lol: No, seriously, that was a pretty bad back-up, but it did crawl along. LE did a good job rerouting everyone in an orderly way. Hope the person(s) involved in the accident are okay.
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    Mrs K's Restaurant (Hotel too)

    Dang, I'm definitely going to try this place. I make my own oxtail soup, but I'm curious how they make them. Haven't seen anyone around here that had them. Thanks. :yay:
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    Dill Mustard

    Shoppers has it (at least the one around me does) :yay:.
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    Hubbard's Southern Dinner

    I ate there for lunch a while back, good-tasting food but not a terribly great experience for me. Food was served in styrofoam containers (even if you sit down to eat). The furniture wasn't in very good shape, either (ripped seats and chipped table tops) It just so happened that day one of...
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    what song are you listening to?

    and one more... evErhhY0Xyg&feature=related Just what I'm listening to now. :buddies:
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    what song are you listening to?

    Been having a Return To Forever bug lately, these guys were great. sa21WPH4_U4&feature=related
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    Today's offering

    Made a variation of this on Saturday. Slightly different ingredients, and treated ingredients differently just to test it out for taste. After browning the sausage good, I seasoned and sweated the carrots and celery, then held them on the side. Caramelized two onions. When they were nearly done...
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    Does Anybody Bowl Anymore?

    I don't think bowling alleys (or clubs and golf courses for that matter) on base are subsidized by tax payer dollars unless it's an overseas or a remote/isolated location. Congress took that money away back in the late 80s.
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    Whitney Houston Dead

    Well said. :yay: And she made it sound completely natural when she hit the high note, then shot up a fifth to complete it. Goose bumps. And it sounds like we're not the only ones who thought as much of her performance. NFL remembers Whitney