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    Warehouse needed !

    2 years later and they are still looking for a new home.... I really miss that book sale every few months. Anybody know of a possible space ?
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    Looking for a good Roofing Company they are great !
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    General contractor

    I recommend they do great work !
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    Whats going on on 231 ?

    Traffic is backed for miles
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    Need replacement window contractor recommendations

    J and J Aluminum specializes in replacement windows. They are based out of Mechanicsville. 301.884.5520 Here is their website
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    Looking for contractors for a small job they do excellent work !
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    need a fence company in st. mary's they do great work.
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    Composite Decking

    J & J Aluminum Call J & J Aluminum in Charlotte Hall , they do excellent work , decks, fences, siding, windows, etc... ( and no, I don't work for them ) :howdy:
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    New Businesses Coming to Southern Maryland

    I see they put the Aldi sign up at The Lexington Exchange.... any word on what else ( other than the theatre ) will be going in there ?
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    Military Divorce / Former Spouse Protection Act questions ?

    Thank you all very much for the advice, I really appreciate it. Yes, I still have Tricare, get my MIL ID Renewed every few years, go to the commisary, etc... and yes I have been to the legal office , they mean well but are not much help, they advise me to retain a lawyer and directed me to the...
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    Military Divorce / Former Spouse Protection Act questions ?

    Hi everyone, I hesitated to post this here but would really like to hear other womens' experiences and advice if you may have been in a similar situation and are willing to share with me. My husband and I have married for 32 years, but have been separated for about 8 years, He retired after...
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    Metrocast Cable

    Hi everyone, I see the recent thread on Metrocast internet but nothing posted recently about their cable service. I am wondering if anyone has had issues with the cable the past few weeks ? We swapped out our dvr box a few weeks ago ( we've swapped boxes out several times over the past few...
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    2005 Chevy Cobalt advice

    Hi everyone, Are there any certified mechanics out there who do engine replacements at home as side jobs ? My son has a 2005 Cobalt that needs a new engine and he is trying to figure out how much $$$ it will cost for him to get this done. Any advice or recommendations would be appreciated...
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    Myrtle Beach vacation rental ?

    Ocean Isle info Hi Marie, If you could send me some links to rentals in Ocean Isle I would really appreciate it.Thank you !
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    Myrtle Beach vacation rental ?

    Hey everyone, I posted this in the Vacations section but since this one gets more action... Can anyone recommend a 4 bedroom 2 or 3 bath pet friendly vacation rental in the Myrtle Beach area ? do you have a realtor, website , condo/ timeshare management company etc... you would...