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    Viral App FaceApp Now Owns Access To More Than 150 Million People's Faces And Names

    I only use Snapchat to take pictures of myself since I look 1000% better with their filters.
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    MVA Real ID License Renewal

    I haven't read all the responses so sorry if it's already been answered but is getting a Real ID mandatory?
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    Vacuum cleaners

    I have owned several Shark vacuums and they work well. Great alternative to Dyson if you don't want to spend that kind of money.
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    Happy National Mojito Day - July 11

    I am not a drinker so I am celebrating Free Slurpee Day instead. ;)
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    Beano would have saved him...

    I know somebody who was on the phone with an automated customer service help line and farted so loudly, the robot said "I am sorry. I could not understand your last response. " :killingme
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    Can you guess what time it is?

    True. I need to go see it in person to see how heavy it is. If it's decent, the wind shouldn't affect it too much. Our door is pretty recessed on our porch.
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    Can you guess what time it is?

    I want to get one of these for my front door and then change the decor based on the season/holiday.
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    Britain's 'hairiest baby' needs her hair cut at least once a month

    So did my youngest son and yes, the heartburn was horrible. His hair still grows so fast. Wish mine did.
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    Email Spam

    Oh... didn't know that.
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    Email Spam

    :sshrug: We still use our Verizon email address. No issues.
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    Relationship status

    Sad to say but this is almost a daily conversation between my husband and I. What is funny is that when we started dating 22 years ago, we were horrified when we'd hear his parents talk about this sort of stuff. Now we are the ones talking about it and our kids are the ones horrified. :lol:
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    No. 9

    I think on the news last night that a group of HS Seniors from Oklahoma did their class trip there and several became sick a few days into their trip but nobody died
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    No. 9

    I have a co-worker that is in the Dominican Republic right now. Everyone thinks he's crazy to vacation there with his family but he said he felt obligated since everything was already paid for by the time all these deaths started getting reported. Hopefully he and his entire family make it back ok.
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    How bad a day are you having?

    Kind of like when George Lopez's wife donated her kidney to save him and then he divorced her. :ohwell: