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    Mail Order Food Gifts

    We use Aunt Ruby's for nuts.
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    Most of the time when I hear anything about Southern Maryland, it ends up being PG County anyway.
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    So who's going somewhere for Christmas?

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    It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

    Our truck wasn't working so I was waiting for husband and friend to get it fixed. They couldn't do it so I just strapped it to the roof of my car. I had the inside and outside decorated the day after Thanksgiving. :lol: Tree was the last piece of the puzzle.
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    So who's going somewhere for Christmas?

    Going to my mom's in VA for part of Christmas Day and opening presents and eating a quick lunch with her and my sister's family. Oldest son may be going to his grandparent's for Christmas in GA but will depend on the weather around that time.
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    It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

    Finally got my tree on Sunday and decorated it Monday after work.
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    St. Mary's Co. Traffic Tip Tuesdays: Headlights and Windshield Wipers

    My son got flipped off yesterday because he told some lady to turn on her headlights in the rain. :lol:
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    Two articles of impeachment announced

    If anything, they are probably helping because everyone is seeing how nuts Democrats are.
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    Snow on Wednesday?

    I work in Northern VA and they might see up to 3 inches. Put in a "just in case" slip already because I'm not getting caught up here and I don't drive in snow no matter the amount.
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    Seems Peloton Roused the Outrage Machine!

    If you look at all the other Paleton commercials you will see that everyone using it is thin/fit. Must be the fact that the husband gifted his wife one that is causing the uproar.
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    Should we be concerned?

    I had to in Biology class. Unfortunately, our teacher got cancer shortly after starting the process and the pigs were forgotten about until the end of the school year. Teacher told us to open up cabinets and help clean and they were all found half cut up.
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    Prince Andrew

    Of course he's FOS. :lol: Found it rather funny that he is saying the photo with the girl is "doctored" and that Epstein's house was the only place he could stay at. I am sure there are hotels that would be suitable for him.
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    Best Fake Christmas Tree

    Good point!
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    Best Fake Christmas Tree

    No room for two trees.
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    Best Fake Christmas Tree

    I usually only have mine up for 2-3 weeks depending on when I get ours. Our truck is currently inoperable so I need to either strap the tree to the roof of my car or use that as an excuse to get a fake one.