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    So it's been 18 years

    Today is my nephew's 18th birthday. In my family we say, 'at least something good happened on this day'. ETA: I was at work, and going to leave to go to the hospital (in Annapolis), to be there when my sister delivered. Suffice it to say, I didn't make it up there that day.
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    Southern Maryland Bad Drivers

    Oooh, where can I get some 'gold clubs'??😆
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    VIDEO: Solomons Rescue Squad Ambulance Involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident on Thomas Johnson Bridge

    That bridge is waaay too narrow to do what that ambulance driver did, and I sincerely hope he/she did get a reprimand - for whatever that's worth. I was under the impression that when the Emergency Vehicles were crossing the Thomas Johnson Bridge, they had to stay in the travel lane and move...
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    MTA to release "narrowed down" list of locations for third bridge to eastern shore soon (Who will be the lucky winner?)

    ^^This^^ x1,000,000 And to the tard OP: Solomons already has 'similar-enough bridge and congestion'.
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    I'm going to have a root beer float to celebrate!:cheesy:
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    "You can go to live in France...

    I logged in just to like/love this post!😎
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    Ceiling Fan needs a problem solver

    This has been around for a while. We used it in the Marine Corps in the 80's: we'd send the noobs to get an "ID 10 Tango" form. Good times:lmao:
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    No uterus, no comments!

    Why does it seem like this tread is made up of (approx.) 99% men?
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    What Would an ‘Open Borders’ World Actually Look Like?

    Not anymore: From 'The Newsroom' :ohwell:
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    Hair Donation

    Not sure where you're located, but Great Clips in Lusby deals with donating hair.
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    I have a long memory...

    The word 'moniker' means nickname. I think the word you're looking for is phrase. As in 'a silly little phrase'. You're welcome.
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    Say something nice...

    My husband is the absolute best person I know. 😍
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    The Day The Dinosaurs Died

    I read this the other day, and found it very interesting! While I loved the 'dinosaur discovery' details of the article, I really liked the personal details interspersed throughout as well: that Robert DePalma is related to movie director Brian DePalma; how Robert loaned his own fossil...