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    Obtaining a temporary alcohol permit?

    It is a fundraiser and the holiday inn advised we have to get the permit and provide a certified bartender as well. She said no one has ever had trouble getting one for a wedding or such so thought maybe someone had been through the process.
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    Obtaining a temporary alcohol permit?

    To serve alcohol at an event at the Holiday Inn Express in La Plata we have to obtain a temporary permit for the evening. They gave us some information at the hotel but I was trying to find out more information or if anyone has any experience having to obtain one. Thanks!
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    Indoor location to hold a fundraiser?

    Our relay team is looking for an indoor location in Charles County to hold a book sale in 2011. Does anyone have any suggestions of places that either rent cheaply or would donate space for this sale? We have called a couple churches thus far.
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    Need an overhead Projector-where to get?

    LMAO. Yah that would help. They actually still make and sell them but they are around 300.00. I just need to blow up some pictures to trace and paint and cut out for a themed event.
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    Need an overhead Projector-where to get?

    I really need an overhead projector for a project I am working on. I have tried the libraries in Charles and St. Mary's county with no luck. I have googled in the area for even a rental but really not coming up with much. I have posted on freecycle and looked on craigslist for one. I am in...
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    The Light is On....

    sometime in February. I think they said February 20th or somewhere around there it is opening.
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    Location for a yard sale benefit?

    Thank you for this information! This is exactly the leads I need. Do you know if there is a limit of how many tables/stuff you can have at the flea market in white plains or at the Adventist Church? Thanks so much!
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    Location for a yard sale benefit?

    I am looking for a location that would be willing to provide me with space to set up a yard sale with all proceeds going to the American Cancer Society/2010 Relay for Life event. I live about 20minutes from Waldorf but am out in the country. I have been collecting donations from co-workers...
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    Law enforcement strategy

    I agree with the damned if they do, damned if they don't. However if you call the department and ask to speak to a supervisor, they should give you the info you want to know on why they were positioned there and then if they weren't to be there, the supervisor can take appropriate action...
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    Pest Control

    We started with 'The Bug Company'...seemed nice and good...however unreliable. Didn't come back when they should, etc. We recently started with 'Superior' and have been satisfied.
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    Calvert Bulk Trash

    I'm in Charles county, I wish we had bulk item pickup for free! We use waste management and they quoted me 75$ for the first item.
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    Boarding my dogs - Waldorf area.

    We have used Ridge kennels in La Plata a few times. While I'm not completely unhappy with them, they don't leave me fully happy either if that makes sense. I've lived in MD for a year, and the boarding place I used in PA I loved and always felt comfortable and happy to take my dogs too. They...
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    Dumpster / Hauling Services

    I posted a few weeks back with same question. We have tons of stuff, from remodeling the house and etc. and really need to rent a dumpster or something.
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    I have been there. Cute lil' shop. I have wanted to try a crop, but I get nervous/shy about doing something like that on my own for the first time. :) When I lived in PA, my SIL and I would go crop at a scrapbook store. It was just nice to have someone I 'knew' to go with at first.
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    Charity Walks

    I would love to do this walk. How have you raised the money? The money portion is what scares me a little...raising that much. Did you find it difficult or easier than you thought to reach the amount?