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    Opening of FDR?

    The County made a deal with one of the neighborhoods and agreed to not open that section until the entire road is finished. According to this article everything should be done this fall. "Phase 1-B of FDR Boulevard is behind the First Colony development in California, and will almost connect...
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    New Businesses Coming to Southern Maryland

    I don't think this is correct. The store that is in the old Friendly Tavern building is moving into one half of the new building and then they are demolishing the old Friendly Tavern to expand the parking lot. I believe the other half is going to be the Salt Cycle Studio. If you look at...
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    New Businesses Coming to Southern Maryland
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    New Businesses Coming to Southern Maryland

    Does anyone know what they are building behind the old Friendly Tavern in Great Mills. Looks like they are building a foundation for something fairly large.
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    Snake skin expert?

    So is this a copperhead? Kid almost stepped on this while fishing off the rocks this morning.
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    Copperhead Question

    So is this a copperhead? Kid almost stepped on this while fishing off the rocks this morning. :jameo:
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    Maryland Flag

    Dyson has them if you are down south.
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    New building Lex Pk library

    So can someone who knows the history of the area explain why there was a need for two volunteer fire departments so close to each other? The new buildings for the two units are across the street from each other.
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    Another chain restaurant coming!

    The plans must have changes at some point because shortly after the McDonald's closed they had people working on the building and they changed the roofline. Then it sat for a while before they recently demolished the building and started grading the site.
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    New Theater Coming Across from Wildewood?

    New movie theater planned in St. Mary’s -- I wonder what the financial incentive from the County is.
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    No Cheseapeake Bay Bridge Walk in 2013!

    Well considering this is the 7th straight year it's been cancelled I'm not sure why you're surprised or upset. Walk across Bay Bridge canceled for 5th year - Washington Times
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    Babe Ruth vs. St. Mary's Little League

    Good info above by somdforever. I'll add: Babe Ruth merged with Cal Ripkin in 1999. Cal Ripkin is for kids up to 12 and Babe Ruth is for kids 13-18 but they are both the same league. LL has the same base and pitching distances up to age 12, (60' base paths and 46' pitching distance)...
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    New street light is active

    I was on Great Mills going through that intersection close to 4:00 pm yesterday. It looked like it was flashing red when the two turn lanes from Great Mills to North 5 had the red arrows. When those lanes had green arrows then the Old Great Mills light was solid red with the "no turn on red"...
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    Free Wings for a Year at Buffalo Wild Wings

    I looked at some online articles from recent BWW openings and it looks like you get a coupon book with 52 coupons for six wings. Not as good as a dozen, but at $6 for six wings that's still over $300 worth of wings for the year. Oh yeah, the articles also said people were lining up at...
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    Dick's Sporting Goods

    FYI. The ad on the back of todays sports section in the Enterprise says it's now open. Grand Opening festivities this weekend.