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    masking up again???

    Charles & PG Counties have mask mandates again
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    Can you believe this sht is going on?

    Just think Sodom and Gomorrah, seems like that is where we are headed as a Country
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    Greg Abbott is my hero

    If this is our choice I will vote for Ronald Reagan
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    New Biden K-12 Plan Will Cancel Sports For Nearly 83 Percent Of Counties

    Which begs the question why are the Repubs not returning the favor by filing lawsuits? Because we suck I guess!!
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    Knife sharpening set up

    Work Sharp Ken Onion Edition - You can even get it from the Snap On man
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    Calvert Co. Speed Limits in Solomons to be Lowered Beginning Jan. 19

    This should be a very prosperous move for both the County & State
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    Coronavirus vaccine could kill 50 million Americans in coming years

    He is the one that started operation warp speed!! Just that easy...LOL
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    Instant Pot chuck roast, carrots, and potatoes

    We put it all in the Instant Pot and cook for 90 minutes and it's been perfect!! Good Luck
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    Down goes Leland Vittert

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    Reloading components

    Been waiting 8 weeks for the bullets to show up. We were all over NW GA and Eastern TN in early September and there is nothing available.
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    Reloading components

    No one has small pistol primers available, they haven't been available for a few months.
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    There must be a reckoning for the destructive Left

    He should put General Flynn in charge of the NSA, CIA & FBI. Put them all under one umbrella. I'm still holding out hope for Barr & Durham.