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    Thanksgiving Dinner

    That sounds disgusting.
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    Thanksgiving Dinner

    West coast version of Hellmans...
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    L'Town Tree Lighting Cancelled

    Damned if you do, damned if you don't.
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    Thanksgiving Dinner

    Best news ever!?! My crap show neighbors sold their house and we now have nice quiet ones!
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    Thanksgiving Dinner

    Dinner was delicious! I'm home in my stretchy PJ's now. Neighbors sister brought me over a plate of leftovers because they needed room in the fridge. :lol:
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    1 way to avoid the Black Friday crowds

    Easy peasy. Don't go shopping.
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    Reheating Pizza

    I need to upgrade my toaster oven and might consider this. My current one is going on 15 years. It was a housewarming gift from Sistard.
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    Want to sound more confident?

    M Me too. 🙄 :lol:
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    Thanksgiving Dinner

    Time for the parade! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
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    Politics of Covid 19 Vaccines

    Cheers to us!
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    I'll make that for Christmas gifts.
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    Kamala's Border

    Fish oil might be good for their hair.
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    Gay Club Shooter - NON Binary

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    Kamala's Border

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    I still have some kahlua, Huckleberry and a Christmas blend.