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    What's going on at GMHS

    Burning down the house Hows the new house, you didn't burn that one down too with your crack pipe. lol
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    How media lies travel

    I'm sure if you had any off spring god forbid and was gunned down by automatic weapons, semi or automatic i'm sure you would be applauding for more ammunition and high powered weaponery for the insane like 100 percent of the republican party clueless.
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    Alligator takes 2yo chilld

    There's a bunch of canals that feed into the lagoon and like others have said gators are found there all the time. I take it the parents were drinking and lost site of their kid for a second.
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    What are they building next to Mr. Tire on 301 in Waldorf?

    i'm guessing either another church, liquor store or low income housing.
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    The winner of the "Your name must be Richard, cause ....

    next time I would call the Charles county police and i'm sure they will give you an escort.
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    Please get to know the candidates before you vote...

    it doesn't matter, who ever has the biggest payroll will be re-elected and will vote who they think will give them the best chance to continue their political career, just look at Reagan who was the biggest Hollywood actor to make it into politics and changed his views to enhance his agenda...
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    Easiest Way to BWI?

    I'm guessing using a transporter.
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    Gun Confiscations Underway

    and if your gun was properly kept in the first place your house would still be standing, haha
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    Gun Confiscations Underway

    if you didn't have such a cache of drugs then you shouldn't worry so much.
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    celtic festival

    or whatever its called. there was a million people there so i'm not sure what the buzz was about but at 20 bucks a pop, what the hell was there to do? buy over price defrosted food, jewelry, t-shirts, googled last name history, watch a band playing cover tunes. Anyway, never seen so many white...
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    Watch out for cyclists on Saturday

    that's why the beer makers made beer in a bottle, its called bottle busters.
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    My experience at the Waldorf movie theater tonight...

    If you haven't moved from waldorf in the last 15 yrs then you have no excuse...
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    Where are all the republicans here who support Obama's proposal to bomb Syria's government for using poison gas against their people. hmmmm.
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    Ted Nugent's wife arrested with Gun at Airport

    Are you a fing retard or just plain stupid, y not just let people carry uzi's onto planes since its our god giving right. Just ask the innocent people on the Texas base who got slaughtered how useful it was to be armed!!!!!