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    MVA closes Route 5 in Calaway area

    According to people on the scene of the accident, "he was asking for pain killers" when the emergency personnel started arriving...
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    Extra-curricular activities...

    What school is she looking at going to? Some of the colleges and universities have Dean's scholarships or president scholarships for high GPA's. grants, scholarships, direct loans - learn what's available -
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    Barricade/hostage situation Hawk Drive,Breton Bay

    Guess we all of the same schedule! I passed the SWAT truck as it was just pulling onto Mattawoman from 301/5...
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    Feed for St. Mary's 911 Calls

    I guess the site is down, or I am not doing something right because the same data has been up there since last Thursday.
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    Where is the best place to get ripped off?

    Did you call around to a couple of different shops and ask what the estimated charge would be to get an idea if this place charged you too much?
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    I am, didn't know there was more than one.
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    We were considering Duncan's Family Campground also since Bethpage raised their rates this year. I've had family go and like it and go back every year, but I haven't been there yet.
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    :yeahthat: She altered my wedding dress and was very reasonable and accommodating! Extremely nice and easy to deal with!
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    Truck into building

    Nothing when I went through around 5:50. Must have been after that.
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    Lawn & Leaf Services

    Cutting Edge Lawn Service - Les Brady Very good and reliable.
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    Checking Internet Options

    We currently have DLS and after having many problems with connectivity in the past and their lack of decent customer service, we want to see what our other options are for internet. We have Directv and would like to keep that, plus we are on a contract with them that last until next year some...
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    Well Duh! There are numerous threads on here where people bash restaurants, businesses, owners of businesses, etc. They aren't deleted. No one even bashed the owner of the "certain place of business" and it was still taken down. You just learn to deal with it, or head on over to the other...
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    Cabling being buried down 235??

    Our DSL has been awful also. One day it's up, the next it's down. The Verizon Customer Service tech from India said it was our old DSL modem and we needed to purchase a new one for $49...
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    Wow, what service

    Good customer service would have been for the Ford Dealership to ask for the name and number and they will call the person back in about 10 mins.