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    California man, 33, punches elderly Trump supporter, 84

    Are you sure it wasn't some white supremacist - you know, the violent ones our FBI director warns us about - punching a BLM person? Of course not.
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    The answer: 19.86 times

    None of these people are "unemployed" in the sense that they cannot find work - they are unemployed because their governor TOLD them to stay home or otherwise shuttered their business. A LOT of them have jobs - waiting for them. We are not in a "recession" because the economy is poor - we are...
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    So When do the Masks Come Off?

    If THAT is the case, then it's like the body's response to opportunistic germs like pneumonia - which are always trying to attack the body but fail - until the immune system is weakened. And which makes almost all of us permanent carriers - unaffected but able to spread it. THEN - the solution...
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    So When do the Masks Come Off?

    Oddly enough - one of the most patently obvious and sensible statements I've seen - and I've seen it often. Since it is not a hugely contagious disease - you'd think what we've been doing SHOULD have shut it down, shouldn't it? It's been months. I am sure it could be argued that the lockdowns...
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    The Left Has To Destroy

    I never get the "Jesus was black" thing. While he was obviously not a light-haired blue eyed Caucasian - he was a Jew from the Middle East. And from drawings, paintings, statues and depictions, these people still look largely the same as they did one thousand, two thousand years ago. They were...
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    Spotify Employees ALREADY Trying To Get Joe Rogan Banned, Several Episodes REMOVED Already

    I don't know how to explain that men who rape little boys are not usually gay, because they believe if you stick your wick in an ass, you are defined as gay - unless it's a woman's ass, and then it's ok I guess. Guarantee all those dudes in prison who rape other prisoners are not gay. In...
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    I wonder what you think

    They're crybabies. Just take their phones away and send them to bed early.
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    The Left Has To Destroy

    Well so far, we know Isaiah Cantrell - the suspect whom witnesses and surveillance cameras identify as the perp - claims that "the statue (Jesus) was the wrong color". He also claimed that the 90-year-old statue "fell down by itself"...
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    Spotify Employees ALREADY Trying To Get Joe Rogan Banned, Several Episodes REMOVED Already

    I guess it would easily be argued - are you a WOMAN - or TRANS? Because if you're not a WOMAN but say you are TRANS - participate in TRANS events. Actually I think that would defuse the situation a lot more. For one, it would drastically reduce the number of events where trans are competing...
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    Michigan driver arrested after pulling 'Dukes of Hazzard' stunt over Detroit bridge

    Idiot. Those kinds of stunts are almost always done under very controlled conditions. And sometimes, not actually done without enhancements to the vehicle or a bit of photographic legerdemain. Although I am amazed that the kind of silly car stunt from "The Man with the Golden Gun" was NOT a...
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    Fox News Outnumbered Hosts Cuts Off Newt

    Don't know. You have to admit, it was one of the most eerie moments I've ever seen on a news show. Looking back at it, it appears the FIRST people to object were - Melissa and Marie (who being a die-hard Dem, not a surprise). You'd think Newt just uttered a racial epithet, although if he HAD...
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    Yard Signs

    I haven't seen ANY signs down in my neighborhood. Guess they're all Trump voters. No, seriously, the biggest reason I don't have signs is, I have children, and I know what happens to homes of people who put up signs supporting Republicans. While I suppose it happens, in my lifetime I've not...
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    Fox News Outnumbered Hosts Cuts Off Newt

    See, people act as though this stuff is "rumor" and guess work. It's not. It's public record and the folks involved aren't trying to hide it. The best they can want is - you won't be looking. Pretty much the only person...
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    Fox News Outnumbered Hosts Cuts Off Newt

    Here's a thought... Have to admit, if nothing else, it explains why Harris was being quiet. She was receiving "instruction".
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    Ted Wheeler Hires 3rd Campaign Manager! 2nd Manager runs out of Turd Polish and quits!

    I'm guessing that Wheeler still wins. With all the screw ups and mismanagement, he's still pinning it all on Trump and they believe him.