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    Window shopping

    We used Power Home remodeling Group, , They were cheaper than Thompson Creek and have been very happy with them.
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    I eat a few microwave meals for lunch, easier than other stuff. One of the ones I ate was pepper steak. Terrible. I remember as a kid eating LaChoy or something similar and it was pretty good. I decided to make my own. Found a recipe online made it. I was just as wonderful as I remember. For the...
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    Maryland Ghost Legends: Haunted Chopticon High School

    It happened the year after I graduated. I remember her well. I don't quite remember the story as told by the links posted but most of my recollection was based on street talk and rumors, not facts.
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    FOX Removing Channels

    Yeah really. It was bad. This week is gonna be worse, ugh
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    Saint Mary's Landing

    Sorry we missed you. Would have been nice to chat for a bit.
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    FOX Removing Channels

    We have Dish which means no Redskins game. We watched it on Amazon Fire TV with ATT TV now.
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    Saint Mary's Landing

    Two things, you know the same person is the owner of both? We went to Halfway House after we got married in '92. It was decent then.
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    Saint Mary's Landing

    Yep, were you there?
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    Do you remember when?

    Do you remember when you could go down the alley to Duke's drive up window in Leonardtown and get a mixed drink to go? I do, :D
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    Saint Mary's Landing

    Reopened for business today. Parking lot was half full at lunch time. No, I didn't stop in. :p
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    Holy Angels Church Dinner!! Come and get it!

    For anyone trying to decide whether or not to get a dinner, GO GET ONE !!!!!!!!!!! These dinners are amazing. we usually hit them up every time they're available.
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    Moll Dyer

    Flag Pond and Calvert cliffs are great for shark tooth hunting. Took the grand kids last summer, had a blast.
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    Seafood Restaurant

    Depends on what kind of seafood. Personally, for a unique seafood dish, we'd vote for Morris Point, hands down. If you want steamed crabs, Seabreeze. Although, we've been going to Drift Inn for a couple of years and we like it better. The only thing is, we haven't figured out the bar yet, need...
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    Any resources for what to do with an aging parent?

    I am biased but give a call to Options For Seniors in LaPlata. They service the tri-county area as well as most of the state. Either of the ladies there can give advice on what questions to ask, where to go for help. The number is 301-392-1387. If you talk to enough people in So Md, one name...
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    Old Line Restaurant and Pub

    Every time I've driven by the place seems full. Surely someone on here has been there.