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    Mail Fraud - Stolen Checks!

    Mom is 87, she can barely use a flip phone. I even tried to get her to let us do her online bill pay, no dice.
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    Mail Fraud - Stolen Checks!

    My mom had an $80.11 check for Verizon stolen. It was washed and given to BofA to be cashed for $15,000. Didn't make it through.
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    Forum Garage Sale

    Well crap, now whatta I gonna do wif my lottery winnins?
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    So, Aldi's

    If I keep them and use them, I'll rework the handles, make them more comfortable.
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    So, Aldi's

    Should I put my chisels up for sale? Highest bidder gets a new, never used set for the Aldi aisle of shame, :bann:
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    So, Aldi's

    A few years ago, Aldi's used to sell a set of woodworking chisels for like $%. It was a running gag on the woodworking forums about buying them. So, I caved in a bought a set. Actually, not bad. A big hit from the aisle of shame.
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    This Evening at the Farm

    Does it have to be a politician? I have a few folks in mind if you have room
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    Mail Fraud - Stolen Checks!

    Wow, sorry for your issues. Good luck
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    Dollywood - WOW!

    Gatlinburg is an awesome place. Lots of stuff to do. We always go the Cades Cove in the Great Smoky Mountains. There is also a nice drive through an old trail in the middle of downtown Gatlinburg. The best thing of all, no cell phone service in the mountains, ;):bann:
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    Solar For Shed

    Try Earnshaw Brothers in Mechanicsville. Not sure but they may be able to help
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    NASCAR Coke Zero 400 ☆SATURDAY NIGHT ☆, 27 August 7PM on NBC @ DAYTONA

    OK, I had to go to Amazon firet tv and install NBC sports, for free. Login to Dish, yadayada bingo, let's go racing boys!!!
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    NASCAR Coke Zero 400 ☆SATURDAY NIGHT ☆, 27 August 7PM on NBC @ DAYTONA

    Ok, so NASCAR is not being broadcast on Dish tonight? 2 channels of preseason NFL Commanders, wtf?
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    Word on the street is that a legit local businessman is buying Hollywood and Charlotte Hall locations. Obviously, it will take some time and money to bring them up to par. All of the Charlotte Hall freezer cases need to be replaced. Probably should gut the place, set off a gazillion roach bombs...
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    No, I didn't put this in Dating & Marriage...

    Me, I love ink on a woman, as long as it's tasteful. Wife has a few, mostly hidden but tasteful, nonetheless.