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    McConkey sues Calvert County

    BernieP, I am running Chrome, and I have a zoom button on the bottom right corner.. it is still not scanned in very well, but you can read the text. Also, if you go to scribd's site directly and don't view it from the embedded link in the forum, it is much easier to read.
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    Prince Frederick today

    You're talkin' my language NextJen. 👍:buddies: Maybe by the time next Tuesday rolls around, everyone will have voted and I can just ride my bike to the Solomons Fire House instead of driving all the way to PF to vote early. :starcat:
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    Atlantic Broadband

    i wonder if the squirrels open the service boxes and loosen the cables while we are sleeping. How do the cables get loose?
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    Beggars at Shoppers

    If you have an Aldi near you, you can get almost all the GS Cookies for $0.98/box. (I did my time as a GS Cookie Dad too!)
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    Sunset on the Patuxent

    Sneakers, that looks like it was taken from the circle at the end of Rt2. If so, we were down at the other end of Farren Ave. There are no street lights at the other corner and a lot less people too. Great pic..the moon and launch were pretty cool!
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    Ive always wanted to run into something like this

    Probably. I just steer clear of thug-life. I don't need that kind of drama.
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    What the he##! -- -2-month waiting period to get "Real ID" drivers licenses

    Speaking of 'real ids', this thread made me think to check my passport and it expired in 2019!!! Looks like it is easy to renew up to five years later though, and I don't see me going anywhere anytime soon that would require a passport.
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    Greetings from Branson, MO!

    Same with boats. We try to never enter an unknown harbor at night! I was crew on a boat that did it once (after a 36 hour delivery from Cape May, NJ to Great Salt Point @ Block Island). Even with charts and GPS of the 90's we almost screwed things up big time with the large rock jetty at the...
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    What the he##! -- -2-month waiting period to get "Real ID" drivers licenses

    Oh, nope sorry, I was being point really was that if I can help my 81 year old stepfather get his real ID, anyone should be able to do it.
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    What the he##! -- -2-month waiting period to get "Real ID" drivers licenses

    When you fill out the form and make the appt, they have a checklist on the website. You can't even make the appt unless you can agree that you have all the documents ready to go. I think they do this so you don't show up 'forgetting' your birth cert/SS card, etc.
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    What the he##! -- -2-month waiting period to get "Real ID" drivers licenses

    C'mon people...I helped my 81 year old step-father submit his real ID application and make an appt a couple weeks out with no problem in June using his own computer in Loveville.
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    Labor Day Weekend

    That is pretty much how my buddies and I do rockfish. I just wasn't sure if perch were big enough to filet. De-scaling is a PITA. I love grilled fillets, but I will admit to cutting up perfectly good rock fillets and turning them into fried rockfish bites because then my non-fish eating wife...
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    you may not like this...its mindless banter outta nowhere...

    Agree..i am a Popeye's tenders fan with cajun sparkle all day long. I had the sammich once and it was nothing to write home about. Grumpy, you are at a disadvantage because I think you are in mid-Calvert area..that new Chick-Fil-A in PF is terrible. However, I recommend you try the bacon...
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    Labor Day Weekend

    So, when you catch perch, how do you prepare them for eating?
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    shaaazzzaaaammmm, cured!!

    You still gotta wear a mask to all those places that are re-opening. But now you can spend two+ hours in a room with a group of people you don't know that will pull the mask down under the chin while sitting behind you watching the movie with you!