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    Scene at BJs

    This was a piece of crap guy being mean to a woman. The only reason I put the race of each person was because of what he yelled. When I looked back I saw a guy with maybe 3 teeth. The woman way out classed him. I don't think people are as angry as you say. We live our lives and don't look at...
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    Scene at BJs

    I wonder if it was the beginning of the scene I started to see. Some white trash guy was raising his voice at an elderly black woman who was standing at customer service waiting for her husband. She had a cake in her hand that she had already bought but now her husband was in line so she was...
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    I hate COVID

    I've hated it from the beginning. I never understood the lockdowns. I'm was always in favor of protecting the folks it could effect like my mother that is a lung cancer survivor. We knew the obese were an issue but no one screamed "lose a few pounds". The focus was never on "How do we treat"...
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    What Are Your Memories From Two Years of the COVID Cult?

    I remember thinking it was some kind of crazy social experiment at first. I remember hating how everyone was saying "Do it for the good of everyone." I hated watching a country just give up their rights. I do remember a few that fought it like the hair salon woman. Still admire them.
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    Of Boiling and Jumping Frogs

    I thought this was a good article. The analogy is good of how people have let government slowly boil them.
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    Most people don't alert the press when they get sick

    They needed to feed the fear machine. Too many people getting too lax so bring in the next celebrity with COVID. Also need to take attention from the Ukrainian's. You know Obama having COVID is way more important than that.:sarcasm:
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    OMG Noes AOC has Covid

    I agree karma can be fun. I wish it could be proven that she caught it in masked up New York not in Florida.
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    What's your favorite SoMD restaurant?

    Charles Street Brasserie - ate there again tonight and another great dinner. We love the piano played in the background. Also enjoy Saturday's Choice which is the trailer on Great Mills Road. They have a great a Louisiana Broil with shrimp, crab legs, sausage, crawfish, etc. with lots of garlic...
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    Ralph Northam blames Virginia drivers for getting stranded on I-95: 'People need to pay attention'

    I wonder if he called Tim Kaine and asked what the hell he was thinking. I can kind of understand the folks driving through on their way home but he got in his car at 1:00pm during the height of the storm. Idiot!
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    Reuters Panic Porn

    Last year at this time there were 201,518 cases, no one vaccinated. Now there are 178,573 with 61% of the population vaccinated. It seems that in a year we would have learned how to treat COVID better so high numbers wouldn't be concerning. Also testing should have become more efficient so you...
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    Rep. Boebart calls Swalwell out for sleeping with enemy

    She lays it out there. Swalwell's rebuttal only proves to me the FBI is owned by the democrats.
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    Terry McAwful's new commercial

    Now he has had a Terry-Tantrum.
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    Biden Actions ... And Reactions

    It is so frustrating the way everyone covers for the democratic families. Hunter is a POS that belongs in jail along with is dad. This family is so corrupt..
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    Kyle, why haven't you posted this?

    I'm a hirsute demigender eskimo created by mad scientists
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    Anyone watching the hearings today?

    Biden's response is "No, no one said that to me that I can recall." He can't recall a point this important and admits to it. On this alone he should be removed from office. People died because of this decision. Also what kind of military leaders don't keep pushing back. I haven't met one that...