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    Metrocast limiting access to Youtube?

    Changing the MTU from 1500 to 1492 worked for me. I have a Netgear router and it's under Advanced - Setup - WAN Setup
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    Get rid of the A-10 ????

    Couple of questions cause I'm curious: 1) I get the P-3s are older aircraft. Other than age of aircraft, what's wrong with them that we need to completely scrap them and go to the P-8? I mean, really, aren't we flying B52 Stratofortresses that have been around longer than I have? (I just...
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    Hair indecision

    Oh God no, I'm the same way. Colored my hair a dark red a while back, tried it for a while, didn't like it. Stripped the color our of my hair and went back to the copper I was using before. Got it cut yesterday. Much happier now.
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    More SMOW - get ready .....

    Governor O’Malley Declares State Of Emergency Maryland residents should prepare now for what is expected to be the largest snowfall of the season. Forecasters are predicting about 6-10 inches of snow – or more — for most of Maryland depending on the final track of the storm...
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    How fast do you read??

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    You know it's cold when...

    it's THAT cold... 18th Annual Polar Bear Plunge Cancelled After careful assessment of all contributing factors related to conducting the 18th Annual MSP Polar Bear Plunge, Special Olympics Maryland, in consultation with the Maryland State Police and Maryland Park Service, have made the...
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    School closings for Thursday, Jan 23

    CSM Update College of Southern Maryland Update from their website: All Campuses are scheduled to open at 11:30 a.m. on Thursday Jan. 23.
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    Will Schools Be Open Thursday?

    Dunno what it's like elsewhere but if side roads in my area (235/Chancellors Run Road area) aren't any better, it's gonna be a hairy drive here. Military Ln in front of Greenview Knolls Elementary School at 3pm today looked like it had been scraped maybe once, just solid white, no asphalt to be...
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    Calvert schools closed Jan 22

    Just got the call - St Mary's schools are CLOSED Wed 1/22. Someone check hell I think I heard an ice cream truck...
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    Calvert schools closed Jan 22

    Hey now, St. Mary's County called me at 0430 today that's early for them....
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    Sleazzzzzzy Repugs!

    Gonna throw out my stock answer to any leftie that starts having an orgasm over a Republican being anything other than saintlike: Mary Jo Kopechne cannot be reached for comment...
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    So do you think we will get some?

    Ran up to the California Walmart around noon to pick up a few things (milk, bread, few other things to hold us over till payday on Fri), it was busy but not over the top crazy...yet. Still plenty of milk and breads on the shelves. Now we're just waiting to see how long it takes for St. Mary's...
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    Finally did it

    When I do buy Kcups (it's been a while, especially since mother in law gave me a 48ct box of medium roast Kcups for one of my Christmas presents :yahoo:) I go through either or Big Cat I've signed up with both sites and they do send coupons occasionally.
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    Team USA - 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics

    Ha check it out! We may have a Cool Runnings 2 on our hands! - Sochi officials: Jamaica bobsled in The Jamaican bobsled team may be headed to another Olympics. The catch: It needs a lot of money, and it needs it fast. Olympic organizers said Saturday that Jamaica has...
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    Team USA - 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics

    NBC has full coverage of the Olympics, go to NBC Olympics for everything you need. I have Metrocast, I was able to make an account through them to access all of the video on the NBC Olympics site.