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    Fellowship at the Fair - August 10th

    I miss you guys :huggy: and the craziness of the forums. 🤪 We had a lot of fun. :jerry:
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    Fellowship at the Fair - August 10th

    Fellowship at the Fair - August 10th
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    The egg insert is great for making eggs in the shell. I also have a stainless steel steamer basket (not the mesh one). FYI, my IP stopped working all of the sudden. While I was jumping through hoops with the company I bought a different brand because I couldn't be without one. It was cheaper...
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    Pet of the Week: Meet Daisy!

    She's cute. Where's the like button?
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    Happy Birthday, DeeJay!

    Happy Birthday DeeJay! :party:
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    Official No Topic Thread

    Almost 13 years later... not much has changed and it still doesn't make any sense. Good Job!
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    New Forum SUCKS

    Miss you all! :huggy:
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    New Forum SUCKS

    Is karma back yet? :banana:
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    Happy birthday, dear Sharon

    You guys still quack me up! :roflmao: Thanks to everyone for the awesome BD wishes. I had a wonderful day.
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    Find Your "Purrfect" Pet During Adopt-a-Cat Month

    To help find loving homes for cats, the Tri-County Animal Shelter is offering a reduced fee cat adoption event this June. The Tri-County Animal Shelter will take in over 600 cats during the month of June. Many of these cats are loving, friendly house cats looking for a new home. You can view...
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    Plant Sale and Free Plant Exchange - Apr. 27 & 28

    April 27 & 28th, 2013 Saturday: 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Sunday: Noon - 3:00 p.m. The popularity of this event has grown significantly over the years and the dedicated Sotterley Garden Guild has just announced that they will be open for business on both Saturday and Sunday of that weekend...
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    5K Fun Run & Dog Walk - June 1

    Put on your running shoes and enjoy a nice run on the waterfront and forested trails of Greenwell State Park. Or, bring your dog for a fun walk on a pet-only designated trail. All money benefits the Greenwell Foundation's Therapeutic riding Program and Smiles for Life. Saturday, June 1...