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    Happy birthday Otter!

    Happy Happy Joy Joy! It's your birthday! :cheers: :guitar: :kiss: :wah: :bdaycake: :martini: :neener: :diva:
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    What's so hard about dating?

    Cari, I just read your post on the last page about meeting so many morons – I just posted something similar on the Ideal Mate thread! Why do the losers outnumber the nice guys by about 1000:1?? Had I known dating was going to be such a drag, I could've just stayed with the loser I had – at...
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    Know a good roofer?

    Hmmm... thought he pulled cars out of the mud for a living?? :bubble:
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    Know a good roofer?

    Anyone know a good roofer? Also need someone to install a front door, and possibly a garage door.
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    I need . . .

    Even if you don't sign a buyer's agent contract, the proper protocol is to stick with one agent. The reason? They don't get paid for the hours they spend pulling up listings, taking you out looking, etc. until you go to settlement on your house. So, they're taking you out in good faith that you...
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    Heating/AC Maintenance Contract

    Thanks, Searide! Do you have a contact name and number you can post or PM me?
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    Heating/AC Maintenance Contract

    I'm thinking about getting an annual maintenance contract with a company to do AC and heating general maintenance and repairs. Anyone know of a reputable/reasonable company that serves Calvert Co.?
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    Cute Baby Trick

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    New Stove

    Ack! Hope you went for the gas stove rather than the ceramic cooktop! If you're not into cooking anything exotic, then they're fine... But several of my friends who consider themselves "serious" cooks wouldn't consider anything BUT gas... Some good brands: Viking (lifetime warranty, but VERY...
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    New Member

    Cari, you just put it all in perspective for me! How true!:cheers:
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    New Member

    Still trying to figure out if you like black Labs (the dog)...OR you're a person of color who works in a lab...OR you're not a person of color, you just hang out in a lab painted black! :biggrin:
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    Horse Rescue

    There's an Animal Welfare League in Great Mills...maybe they take horses. There's also Days End Farm Horse Rescue: 301/854-5037 or 410/442-1564 E-Mail: 15856 Frederick Road Lisbon, Maryland, 21765
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    Pet Friendly hotels around PAX?

    Just found on the internet via various searches... call to verify that they still allow pets! (called Super 8 Motel in Prince Frederick, to double-check because I heard it allowed pets!) DAYS INN 21847 THREE NOTCH ROAD Lexington Park, MD 301-863-6666 Super 8 Motel 40 Commerce Ln...
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    Home Inspection Done. Negotiating? Anybody gone through this?

    If it's not done BEFORE you go to settlement, then FORGET IT!!! In my contract I had the realtor specifically put in that ALL trash be removed from the premises...Months later, I ended up paying $400 to rent a roll-off dumpster and spent hours loading it TO THE TOP with the stuff that wasn't...
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    Shedding Lab

    Wear all black, put in black rugs, buy black upholstered furniture, etc. You're fighting a losing battle! :biggrin: But on a more helpful note... I like using the round rubber horse currys with soft pointed teeth – and the dogs love it, too! Followed by the shedding blade and brush. About...