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    Marshall Hall Landing boat launch

    It was actually some kind of an amusement park as early as the 1890s.,_Maryland
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    route 210 this AM

    For anyone not aware of it, Facebook has a group called "Nightmare on 210" with several thousand members / followers, who post daily photos and warnings of all the craziness they see in their daily commutes on this highway. Some posts are humorous and sarcastic.
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    Marshall Hall Landing boat launch

    I did read where CCSO arrested a drug dealer there, a few weeks ago.
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    Marshall Hall Landing boat launch

    I always assumed the park closed in the mid-1970s because of competition from larger, more exciting parks like Kings Dominion. Also the phaseout of slot machines in 1968.
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    Bert's Diner -- online auction of contents

    All contents of Bert's Diner, including 1950s memorabilia, are now being sold at online auction, which will close the morning of August 16.
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    McKays in Leonardtown- How long do you give it?

    Will miss their large green muffins, pistachio flavored, and some muffins are baked with 7-Up drink. Apparently imported from Arizona. Unusual down-home items such as "scuppernong" grapes.
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    Hate in LaPlata

    The "Captain Wallace Bowling chapter" of Sons of Confederate Veterans, is based in LaPlata. Members still set up an informational booth at the annual Charles county fair. Until 3 or 4 years ago, they also displayed the stars and bars flag there. And until COVID, the SCV national monthly...
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    Hate in LaPlata

    Really hilarious description of the school. If this link doesn't work, try typing the school name here
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    Best commuter route from Laplata to Landover?

    I second the exact route that Old Hillcrest Guy recommended. I drive from LaPlata to Landover regularly to visit Kaiser Permanente medical center (their planned facility in White Plains won't open until 2026). This route takes the same time, and is more relaxing and scenic than using the...
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    Best commuter route from Laplata to Landover?

    I go f rom LaPlata to A
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    Over used words

    "AWESOME", when used for average routine things. "I'd like (a certain menu item)"......"Awesome!" "LIKE" = (felt or thought something). I'm like, she was like, etc. "NESTLED" when describing a house for sale, or a vacation site. Our inn is "nestled" between a crack house and a methadone...
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    Amish market beside library will permanently close

    The Amish farm market outside the Charlotte Hall public library, will permanently close on October 31, 2021. St. Mary's county intends to have the vendors rent a building across from an elementary school on Route 236, at $2,000 per year (or per 6 months?). But this building may be hard for...
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    Coin Dealership

    A couple years ago, there was a coin dealer inside the Hughesville Bargain Barn complex (converted tobacco warehouse on Route 5), most Saturdays. If he's still there? I misplaced his card. He does not advertise. His stand is / was in the far north end of the building (the end facing...