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    Jobs for 14y/o

    Berts in Mechanicsville will hire at 14
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    Charlotte Hall Royal Farms

    I believe they are planning to move it all to the Charlotte Hall location near 247
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    ISO Information Ethanol free gas??

    Korner Karryout in Mechanicsville has an ethanol free pump.
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    HVAC contractor recommendations

    While I will agree Booths is probably the highest in the tri county area he does really solid work. There are obviously enough people in the area willing to pay the prices to keep him in business.
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    HVAC contractor recommendations

    M&S Heating & Air
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    Can anyone ID This Mystery Plant? Win a cookie :)

    Butterflies love milkweed.
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    Homeless in Charlotte Hall

    Pretty sure I saw the guy making snide comments. He is a heavy set guy that is usually in the Target/Giant parking lot. He says he lives in the woods behind Target and seems to like targeting women with children. There had been a lot of talk about him on Facebook lately so maybe that is what...
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    Property surveyors question

    The driveway was put in by the builder in the early 80's so I am sure technology to find the lines has vastly improved. I believe the builder did the original fence also. We have been in our house 17 years and have been through 4 neighbors. I just feel like if our fence and driveway were...
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    Property surveyors question

    Our next door neighbor is putting up a fence because their dog bit a woman who owns the vacant lot on the other side. Trust me, I am happy about the fence but I still have issues. In the process of getting started they had a survey company come out. The survey company is saying our property line...
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    New Businesses Coming to Southern Maryland

    Proof of the CiCi's or just rumor?
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    It's all about power and money, no one wants to give any up once they have it.
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    School on Monday??

    Smcps closed Monday
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    I want a 2 hour delay
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    Toys for Tots and Coats

    And if you need help locating a family I might be able to be of assistance if you had a general age and gender.