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    Happy birthday!!!
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    Did KISS invent the power ballad?

    Aerosmith released Dream On in 1973.
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    Celebrity Death Pool

    Bob Saget
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    Oregon Voters Decriminalize Possession of Hard Drugs, Including Heroin, Cocaine, and Meth

    Possibly 48 years away.
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    Let's talk some more about food

    Sausage egg and cheese on an english muffin. Sabrett hot dogs.
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    Military brats, share your stories

    I was a Navy brat. We moved every three years. I wasn't a fan of leaving my friends every three years. I did enjoy living in Sicily from 10-13 years old.
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    'Rise Of Skywalker' To Introduce First Lesbian AT-AT

    LOL! It's the Babylon Bee.
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    My name is BOP, and I have a problem

    98 mods?!? Gadzooks! That's a lot of mods! Do you have Thomas the train running all around the Boston area? :shocking:
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    Ludicrously Huge .45-70 and .50-70 Revolvers

    Brisk, but tolerable recoil? LOL! That thing is huge!
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    No bath tub in house

    Absolutely. I don't use the tubs I have, I always use the shower.
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    Veterans: What, When, and Where?

    US Navy 1985 - 1991. Submarine sonar technician, finished as a STS2(SS). My favorite part were A and C schools in San Diego. Least favorite part were field days at sea.
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    Taco Bell removing items from its menu

    I miss the Chilito! I wish they would bring that back.
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    No Mans Sky

    Exploration is my favorite. Elite is a beautiful game! To raise money for an Asp X, I mined asteroids with some trading on the side. Back then, mining was boring as hell.