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  1. Southern Maryland Churches

    Southern Maryland Churches

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    St Ignatius Rectory and Church
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    St Andrews Episcopal Church
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    St Andrews Episcopal Church
  5. Southern Maryland Churches

    Southern Maryland Churches

  6. Street Scene, Fenwick St.

    Street Scene, Fenwick St.

    The everyday life.
  7. Street Scene

    Street Scene

  8. The bike

    The bike

    Part of a tableau alongside The Social.
  9. Street scene, The Rex

    Street scene, The Rex

    The view from The Rex. Looking across the Square.
  10. Honor


    The Memorial for the WWII, Korean and Vietnam Wars.
  11. Jet Ski

    Jet Ski

    Having fun along McIntosh Run. Taken from the Leonardtown Wharf
  12. Summer Fun

    Summer Fun

    Enjoying a family outing on the McIntosh Run.
  13. Wildflowers


    Alongside the road.
  14. The Secret Garden

    The Secret Garden

    A garden chair along Hollywood Road
  15. Street scene

    Street scene

    Along Hollywood Road