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    The tables turn: Lance Alan Felactu WANTED FOR ESCAPE

    I have had the misfortune of meeting this guy and his wife during a business transaction a few years back. The ONLY redeeming thing that he had going for him was his (now ex) wife. Distasteful is about the only polite way of describing the lengths he went to discredit her and her reputation...
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    I'm 6'4 and went to the Bike Doctor in Waldorf, they ordered a nice Trek that came in a week later. Fitted me and sent me on my way. Good people.
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    Dog Kennel

    I've tried most around here my and miserable traitor of a mutt can not wait to get back to Countryside's Pet paradise on St. Andrews in Leonardtown @ (301) 475-2142. Good people.
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    Do you the owner of a green Honda van?

    Thank You! Although I made this astounding discovery in Calvert; The normal lane rules must be reversed, as the right lane is always empty, left lane bumper to bumper with self righteous Mr. Magoo, pokey type drivers. So I pick up the right lane, kick on the cruise control and get to PF town...
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    Prime Rib Roast

    These Yorkshire pop overs are THE best! :buddies:
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    Prime Rib Roast

    BJ' has very good meat, and prices. I also go to Giant, never been disappointed. Giant also has an unadvertised special around now where they price standing roast for around 5.99. They do it every year for a few days. I make it a point to ask a butcher when they will be on sale.
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    GMHS Student drop-off

    Not too sure but they used to lock the gate down by the pool but left the other gate open. I started dropping off down by the pool just to make my getaway easier. Good luck ,it's a mess anyway you look at it.
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    GMHS Student drop-off

    You pull in to parking lot, drop kid/kids off at visitors parking space. I used to go straight back to pool lot and exit that way OR just use the pool entrance and let the little dears walk to the entrance. After five years, two kids...I finally figured out the timing so I could drop off and...
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    Bridge Cam Turned around.

    Noticed that during the accident last week. I figured it was on a motorized platform although I never saw it move before. I would love to see one on the top of the bridge with a zoom lens. :whistle:
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    No Control

    About ten or fifteen years ago the Liberty Ship John Brown docked at the pier during July 4th or Memorial Day. Here are the ship's dimensions: "The typical Liberty ship was four hundred forty-one-and-a-half feet long and fifty-seven feet wide, with a draft (the depth of keel below waterline...
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    Not one. Dog is very disappointed by the lack of squirrels to chase around. Somebody told me insects (Cicadas?) ate the ends off the the branches. I did see a lot of tips on the ground this year.
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    Sorry, SoMD

    I've given up on the left lane Mr. Magoos. I just avoid them as being moving inconsiderate obstacles who would be ticketed as an impediment anywhere else in the civilized world. I go around them and save time by staying in the right lane when not overtaking. :coffee:
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    And a go-kart track out back.

    Too cool, Karts around the parking lot during the Day, Movies at night. What a concept! About time.
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    Any stores have corned hams?

    Shoppers had a bunch, last week, I was really surprised to find them there.
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    CSM LaPlata on Lockdown

    I didn't mind my kids running a round with paint ball guns and all the paraphernalia, but the first time I saw how realistic the Airsoft guns looked, I made them treat the toys as real guns. I wouldn't want to be a LEO making a split second decision as to whether or not I was facing a real...