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    Only 1 guy without a mask

    This keeps getting repeated by many people even though it defies logic. A mask does not protect the wearer from the virus, yet is somehow supposed to protect everyone else from the virus. o_O
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    Would you rather have that hour of sunlight in the morning or the evening?

    Staying with EST: about 2 months of sunrise before 5:00 AM Staying with DST: about 2 months of sunrise after 8:00 AM Suddenly switching clocks periodically doesn't seem so bad.
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    Garbage/trash services you'd recommend?

    Another vote for Evergreen. For an extra $5 per month they come up my steep 200-foot driveway to retrieve the can, dump it, then bring it back up to the house. Totally worth it.
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    Smeco capital credit refund month

    Mine was $28.94
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    Opinion wanted: driving.

    Shoulder lane?? We are talking about the right turn lane of Rt 235 which has signs posted stating: "Right lane must turn right at signal", not right lane must turn right immediately upon entering right lane.
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    Opinion wanted: driving.

    Except the intersections on 235 of Millstone Landing Rd., Rue Purchase Rd. and Expedition Dr. all have islands that channel you onto the right turn lane of 235, thus requiring you to use the right turn lane as an acceleration lane to merge into traffic.
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    Opinion wanted: driving.

    This also happens on roads without designated turn lanes. The signs read: "Right lane must turn right at signal", which is what I said.
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    Opinion wanted: driving.

    The legal requirement of the right turn lanes on 235 between the base and Rt. 4 is that you make a right turn before crossing the next intersection. I agree that people that jump in that lane early and stay in it all the way to Rt 4 are in the wrong, and that it is poorly enforced. And any...
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    Opinion wanted: driving.

    There is no shoulder on 235 at Town Creek Drive. It is a travel lane designated for right turn before the next intersection, and as such can be used to merge with traffic on 235 when possible. The previous intersections on 235 of Millstone Landing Rd., Rue Purchase Rd. and Expedition Dr. all...
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    Daylight Savings

    :yeahthat: This is what people don't realize when they suggest staying with either EST or DST. Sunrise on June 21 would be 4:42 AM with EST. Sunrise on December 21 would be 8:20 AM with DST.
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    Cyber Security degree vs Computer Science degree. Help!!!

    Computer Science is the IT version of General Studies. Cyber Security is extremely important to companies, and is becoming more of a factor as cloud computing is being increasingly leveraged.
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    House Air Duct cleaning

    Most of the time that is true, but I've seen some pretty bad ones when I worked for a duct cleaning company 25 years ago. Mostly those were fairly old houses. Once a layer of crud forms the build-up accelerates due to the increased friction. Low volume blower motors and inadequate filters also...
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    House Air Duct cleaning I've had them clean my 35-ft. dryer vent, and they did a great job. Not sure what your reason is, but some access holes will be needed to properly clean the trunk lines. Beware of any companies that states...
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    Live PD on A and E

    They are still filming in Calvert. I saw them filming on Calvert Beach Rd. on Wednesday night , and on Route 4 in Saint Leonard on Monday evening before dark.
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    Vehicle Window Tinting?

    Another vote for Platinum Sounds in Prince Frederick. They have done 3 of my vehicles, soon to be 4. Price is based on the number of windows you want tinted, and the quality level of the film you choose to have them apply.