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    Tiffany Cross - Says Something Clueless [Joy Reid Clone]

    Amazing how self unaware they are about their own racism/sexism. SMH
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    Liberals Upset That People Enjoy Norse Movie Without Disney Levels Of Diversity

    It wasn't. Apparently there was a rumor that Queen Charlotte was not all white and might have had some Moorish blood but even that has been debunked. Bridgerton is no different than Wakanda, just a wishful fantasy.
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    Bay Area Mayor Calling on Homeowners To Take In Homeless

    Doesn't the government have a bunch of old military bases that they have shut down? Make use of them.
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    The Washington Commanders.

    Its offensive to the military, especially the way they play.
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    Wouldn't That Be Slavery - Do You Really Want To FORCE Someone to Work For You ?

    Questionable constitutionality on that one but not as close to slavery as being forced to provide a creative product that you object to making.
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    White Supremacists Wanted, Immediate Openings, Applicants Need Not Be White

    Correct. Lincolns reason for invading the south was to force the states back into the union not to free slaves.
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    Sotomayor Was a Terrible Affirmative Action Pick for the Court

    Its the Dunning-Kruger Effect.
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    ‘Different From Any Other Jail In America’: A January 6 Prisoner Speaks Out

    To the ACLU, some people are more equal than others.
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    When is racism not racism?

    Not only illegal but unconstitutional. How does that get by the 14th amendment?
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    Bill Nye 'Science Guy' roasted for 'insanely demented' TikTok video with President Biden

    No thanks, I know better, I worked with engineers. Too many believe they are experts at everything.
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    Bill Nye 'Science Guy' roasted for 'insanely demented' TikTok video with President Biden

    As a "real" scientist I always hated him being called "the science" guy. He is an engineer not a scientist.
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    Blacks under represented in symphony orchestras.

    No question but in the leftist way of thinking anything less than over-representation of POC is racist. Only the numbers count, lack of interest has nothing to do with it according to their "logic".
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    Racebaiting ‘Bishop’ Talbert Swan informs white men that ‘you soft punks wouldn’t last one day in Black skin’

    There is nothing in the "white debils" religion about hating people based on race.